The Angela Lansbury Popcorn Meme, Explained

Food is at the forefront of everything we do, which is why it oftentimes finds its way into memes. You may have seen an image of a dog captioned, "Yeah, I'm into fitness. Fitness pizza in my mouth," or one of a struggling penguin that reads, "When you've eaten way too much but still order a dessert." Of course, who could forget the "good soup" meme?

Sometimes, celebrities find their way into food memes as well. In 2013, when Vine was still a thing, Ryan McHenry uploaded multiple videos of Ryan Gosling seemingly turning away each time a spoon of cereal was offered to him (per Know Your Meme). In 2015, Ryan Gosling responded to the joke by posting a video of himself finally eating a scoop of cereal. According to SourceFed on YouTube, the gesture was done to honor the late creator McHenry, who had passed after a long battle with bone cancer.

Following the passing of Angela Lansbury (via Yahoo!), you may recall a time she showed up in a hilarious food meme as well.

It featured Angela Lansbury's character from Murder, She Wrote

Angela Lansbury passed away on October 11 at the age of 96 (per Yahoo!). Lansbury was known for voicing Mrs. Potts on the "Beauty and the Beast" soundtrack and starring as Jessica Fletcher on "Murder, She Wrote." In her lifetime, she received six Tony Awards, an Honorary Oscar Award, a Lifetime Achievement Award, six Golden Globes, and a Grammy nomination.

Additionally, though perhaps not as notable, she was the face of a widespread internet meme. The meme is in the form of a clip of her character, Fletcher, on "Murder, She Wrote." It shows Fletcher intrigued by a nearby conversation and quickly throwing back popcorn in an anxious attempt to hear every detail. The gif is often used in a comments section in which something dramatic is occurring or people are arguing.

This wasn't the only meme Lansbury has been featured in. According to Know Your Meme, there is also one of Fletcher throwing her hands in the air with the caption "Look at all the f**** I give." It's unclear when either of the memes hit the internet, but they are sure to be a great way for younger generations to remember her likeness.