The 'Good Soup' Meme Explained

Every single time we've caught onto the latest TikTok sensation or trend, made our video contribution, and returned to scrolling through the endless feed of informative, comedic, entertaining content, there's a brand new joke that flies right over our heads. It happened today when we suddenly ended up on "good soup" tok, which has nothing to do with the last viral soup TikTok.

Under the sound for this trend, there is video after video of TikTok users encountering a liquid in strange circumstances and reacting to it with an okay hand sign and a lip sync to the words, "good soup." In one video, the soup in question is a tear that fell into the user's mouth. In another, it's shower water in her hair. In one of the cutest entries we've seen, a pug digs into puppuccino soup. It's funny and absurd to call these random liquids soup, but the meme is kind of hard to wrap your head around without knowing the full context. Where did this "good soup" meme come from and what does it mean? We break it down below.

The origins of the 'good soup' meme

The audio for the meme is from an episode of the TV show "Girls." According to Know Your Meme, the scene is in Season 6 of the show, which aired in 2017. The episode features a tearful conversation between two characters in a diner, after which the character played by Adam Driver defeatedly eats a spoonful of his soup, makes an okay sign at it and says the iconic line, "Good soup."

The scene was cut to just that line and uploaded to Youtube on August 6, 2021, where the video gained tens of thousands of views. It migrated to TikTok with the caption, "Me when the soup's good" and went viral. People picked up on the melancholy aspects of the scene, but took advantage of the absurdity of the line out of context to make both relatable videos and nonsensical visual jokes using the sound. Now that we've figured it out, we're on the lookout for the next "good soup" we encounter so we can make a video out of it.