Now's Your Chance To Dress Up As A Crumbl Cookie For Halloween

Halloween is coming up quickly and if you're like us, you probably don't have a costume figured out yet. Instead of putting together a last-minute costume out of items already hanging in your closet, place a delivery for one. For a unique and easy costume, Crumbl Cookies is serving up two costume options. Normally known for its ever-changing menu of cookie flavors, it's hard to pick a favorite, but Instagram thinks it decided on the best Crumbl cookie flavor.

In the past year, Crumbl Cookies has suddenly become super popular. The cookie store's rotating menu has even inspired a TikTok food trend of reviewing each week's new flavors (via Modern Retail). Topical Halloween costumes have been popular for years, and Crumbl Cookies has even managed to worm its way into this favorite Halloween tradition. For this year, Cosmopolitan has already put out its list of best pop culture reference costumes, mainly focusing on movies and TV shows that have been popular in the last months. The pink Crumbl cookie box has been a definitive 2022 food trend, so for those wanting a unique trendy costume, you can simply place an order for a cookie costume delivery.

A trendy couple's costume

Crumbl Cookies just posted Instagram photos of two brand-inspired Halloween costumes. In the photo, a couple is decked head to toe in the company's signature pink, with one person in a large version of their rectangle cookie box and the other, in a massive cookie. 

The cookie costume is a human-sized version of their popular pink sugar cookie, which Crumbl recently re-released. Meanwhile, the box costume perfectly complements the cookie, ensuring that couples decked out in these costumes will definitely stand out. The one-size-fits-most costumes are priced at $49.99 each and come out at around $100 for an easy couple's costume. Although the bulky cookie and box are modeled with black leotards, we're sure any mixture of colors will go well with this comical garb.

The popular cookie chain invites fans to "take 'you are what you eat' to a new level this Halloween" with their limited edition collaboration with Spirit Halloween. Order from this week's round of cookie flavors on, and order your Crumbl cookie costume at Limited, just like their cookies, place an order for the costumes by October 23 to get it in time for Halloween.