What Instagram Is Calling The 'Best Cookie' At Crumbl Cookies

From the rainbow bagel trend that conquered foodies' cravings in 2016 to the elaborate, vintage-inspired cakes that captured the heart of 2021 baking enthusiasts, it's apparent that Instagram has a food obsession. In fact, according to Chef's Pencil, in February of last year the hashtag #Food was slapped onto nearly 500 million Instagram posts. So it's easy to see how particularly picturesque food brands could make a name for themselves on the photo-focused app.

One of the businesses most well-known for rising to fame thanks to its Instagrammable treats is Crumbl Cookies. It's a straightforward fact that the cookie brand reached viral success partially thanks to the consistently photographic look of its weekly lineup of cookies. However, if you ask a cookie fan which Crumbl cookie flavor is the best to snack on, things get a little more complicated. With everything from classic chocolate chip to pop-tart-inspired cookies having appeared on its menu, how can anyone possibly decide which one is the tastiest? Luckily, Instagram has seemingly come up with an answer.

Instagram is drooling over Crumbl Cookies' Chocolate Crumb Cake FT. Oreo

Crumbl Cookies is known for changing out the cookies available on its menu every week. However, this Monday, the cookie brand took to Instagram to announce a special edition to this week's treats: the Chocolate Crumb Cake FT. Oreo cookie. According to the post, the sweet creation is made of "chocolate cookies" dusted with "smooth vanilla cream cheese frosting and a sprinkle of Oreo crumbs."

The Oreo-inspired cookie is the brand's newest dessert. But judging by the comment section, it appears that the treat has quickly been ranked as users' choice for Crumbl Cookies' best flavor. One user wrote, "BEST COOKIE EVER FLIPPING MADE IN THE HISTORY OF CRUMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Another posted, "The 👏 BEST 👏 cookie 👏." 

It seems Instagram commenters aren't the only ones who have fallen in love with the Chocolate Crumb Cake FT. Oreo cookie. The treat's popularity has made it hard to find at some Crumbl Cookies locations. One user noted that the Oreo-inspired cookie was already unavailable when they went to order it, writing, "Aw man I ordered the Oreo last night but they were sold out 😭 looks aaaamazing." So if cookie fans want to get a taste of what very well may be Crumbl Cookies' most delicious flavor, they'll want to hurry. It may be sold out before Crumbl Cookies' menu changes next week.