Costa Coffee Teams Up With Toblerone For 2022's Holiday Menu

While we may be amid pumpkin spice latte season, we are soon approaching the wonder of winter. With the new season comes new holiday-inspired drink flavors. From eggnog to peppermint, many holiday classics will surely make a comeback. However, Costa Coffee is set to make its mark on the season with a surprising new collaboration that is sure to become a fan favorite.

The UK-based Costa Coffee was recently purchased by beverage behemoth Coca-Cola (via Beverage Daily). With over 4,000 Costa Coffee stores already operating worldwide, Coca-Cola recognized the growth potential in the coffee market. It aimed to take the brand into the U.S. market (via Beverage Daily). As coffee consumption has increased over the past few years, now would be a perfect time. However, to hold off competition from market leaders like Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts, Costa Coffee will have to differentiate itself. And if their newly announced collaboration with Toblerone is a sign of what's to come, they might be on the right path (via Chronicle Live).

Deck the halls...with chocolate and coffee

According to Chronicle Live, Swiss chocolate company Toblerone is partnering with Costa Coffee to bring a new hot chocolate and latte to the coffee company's holiday menu.

Starting November 3rd, two Toblerone-inspired drinks will be available for fans to get a taste of the holiday and get into the festive mood. Both drinks will come with a swirl of dairy and a holiday-inspired topping. The beverages will come with a small, wrapped Toblerone bar. Customers can buy both drinks at any Costa Express machine.

While these new flavors are sure to excite fans of both brands, Costa's gingerbread and cream, along with Terry's chocolate orange hot chocolate, will be making a return to the holiday menu. Currently, Costa Coffee is mainly famous in Europe and Asia, so sadly, it won't be available for U.S. consumers this Christmas (via Beverage Daily). However, with plans to open locations in the United States in 2023, hopefully, next year, people in the states can get a taste of the taste collaboration.