Here's Why Gordon Ramsay Is Giving Free Meals To Kids

While news of record-high inflation has been making headlines since early 2022, Americans aren't the only ones seeing a rise in how much their weekly shops and restaurant bills now cost. The U.K. too has reported a 5.1% spike in groceries — the highest since 2008 — with fresh food, milk, and snacks bearing most of the inflation's brunt (via The Guardian). As people deal with the rising costs of rent, energy, and fuel, and struggle to not live in the deficit each week, families around the world can see inflation's impact and the lingering effects of the pandemic on what food they can afford to put on the table.

According to the World Food Programme, 45 countries face the risk of famine, 858 million people around the world sleep hungry, and 345 million people are struggling with food insecurity. As the rising costs of living indicate a global food crisis, several organizations are implementing policies that can help ease the burden of millions that grapple with malnutrition.

Amidst all this, there are chefs who are doing their part to reduce hunger. In a video posted on Twitter, Gordon Ramsay announced that starting October 17, kids will eat for free at select restaurants under his banner and Ramsay's fans couldn't be more grateful for his initiative.

Ramsay is helping to feed kids

It's not the first time that Gordon Ramsay's restaurants have offered free meals to kids. Earlier this year, Ramsay announced that kids would eat for free at his restaurants during the half-term school holidays. This time, families can bring kids to one of his three restaurant chains starting October 17 — Heddon Street Kitchen, Bread Street Kitchen, and Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill — and their mains will be on the house no matter the day of the week (via Twitter). "As costs continue to rise, I'd like to do our bit to help as many families as we can," he explained.

Judging by Twitter reactions, Ramsay's initiative is proving to be popular. Commenters on the site couldn't help but agree that the policy is incredibly generous, even if the gratis meals are likely conditional on adults making other purchases. "That's nice that you would do that. If only everyone else in the restaurant business would do that, we might solve the world's children hunger," pondered one comment, as another thanked Ramsay for "thinking about us growing families under this economy."

Several Twitter users hoped that Ramsay's magnanimous initiative helps his restaurant group grow further. This comes after news that Ramsay's restaurants suffered a collective loss of £12 million due to COVID-19, so fans are all the more grateful to Ramsay for offering free meals to kids despite that tough financial hit (via The Guardian).