The Whole Foods Snacks Customers Can't Wait To Try

When Whole Foods is good, it's very good. Consider the desserts at Whole Foods with a selection of cakes, pies, donuts, and a full pastry arrangement complete with cupcakes layered with inches of frosting. In general, Whole Foods has done a masterful job of luring customers with both healthy options and enticing treats. This is why shopping at Whole Foods requires a little planning in advance to avoid losing your whole paycheck to impulse purchases.

To avoid overspending, and yet get some tasty seasonal treats for your home, it helps to do a little background research. That way, you can find what other people are raving about, so that you know what to buy before you're standing in the aisle, letting your rumbling stomach make decisions for you. 

Of course, social media sites can help with your shopping list. Redditors once went nuts over a beer brand found at Whole Foods, prompting shoppers to hit the store. There was also the oyster deal at Whole Foods that TikTok couldn't get over. But Instagram may be your best bet for adjusting your shopping list.

Sweet and savory finds at Whole Foods

There are some Instagram accounts specifically dedicated to all things Whole Foods that might help you decide what's worth trying — and what to avoid. Even the company's official Instagram account offers up suggestions. In fact, there are two products that are deemed a must-try: A bag of apple cookies made with real apple brown butter and a macaroni alternative made for vegans and those living with celiac.

The apple cookies are an autumn treat offering that crisp, fall flavor, but they aren't loaded with pumpkin spice. Instead, you're getting a rich dessert with the best flavor of fall — apple. Instagrammers had tons of heart eyes for these, and one user exclaimed "We NEED to try those cookies."

If sweet isn't on your radar, perhaps the savory Goodles mac and cheese will appeal to you. Goodles is a vegan mac and cheese boxed meal that Guilty Eats says contains additional protein, prebiotics, and fiber, making it a healthy, and cruelty-free alternative to other boxed macaroni and cheese choices. 

If you're now feeling like one shopper who said, "I've been influenced!! I want to try everything," we won't judge.