26% Of People Think This Is The Best Fall Flavor

Have you ever noticed the way our cravings seem to shift as the temperatures lower, leaves change to shades of red and yellow, and our sweaters get more and more appealing? That's right, it's fall, and it's time for our favorite fall flavors.

Although pumpkin spice is perhaps the most-hyped flavor, thanks in large part to the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte, it's not the only flavor worth indulging in this season. According to All Recipes, there are plenty of other traditional fall flavors to enjoy, including cinnamon, maple, apple, and salted caramel. Other fall-appropriate flavors include chai, sage, bourbon, ginger, pear, and brown butter.

In honor of this colorful and cozy season, Mashed asked 582 readers about their personal favorite fall flavors. Despite pumpkin spice being the beloved flavor of fall, spoiler alert, it was in fact beaten out of first place by one other flavor. So what is this magical fall flavor? 

Pumpkin spice ranks as only second favorite

We know, we know, we're pretty shocked, too. What fall flavor could possibly stand a chance against pumpkin spice? As it turns out, apple is Mashed readers' favorite, pulling 26.1% of the votes, compared to pumpkin spice's 24.4%. This kind of makes sense, though, considering all the apple recipes we'll be making this fall.

To no one's surprise, cinnamon is a close third-place pick, with 22.3% of readers' votes. Following cinnamon, we see a sharp drop down to the classic maple flavor, which received 12.9% of votes. If you're stuck on maple goodies, Instagram recommends Aldi's maple crème fall cookies.

The least popular flavors of the bunch turned out to be cranberry and chai, receiving only 7.7% and 6.5% of votes, respectively. At least cranberries still have their use in Thanksgiving dinners, and chai will always be the perfect warm drink for cold afternoons. They just simply can't compete with the flavors of apple and pumpkin spice.