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Best Flat-Top Grills In 2022

When it comes to cooking, flat-top grills are one of the most practical and versatile tools available. Flat-tops make cooking things like a big breakfast nearly effortless, since its flat, spacious cooking surface makes it easy to whip up a batch of bacon, French toast, sausage, pancakes, and fried eggs all at once. With its smooth and level surface that evenly distributes heat, there's no doubt a flat-top is the best surface to cook plenty of other popular and delicious dishes, too, like cheesesteaks, quesadillas, smash burgers, and patty melts.

While flat-top grills share some basic design elements, individual models often have distinctive features, too. Some flat-top grill models are compact and designed for easy portability, others have multiple burners, and some offer hybrid set-ups with space for griddles and grill grates that allows you to get the best of both worlds. We've taken the time to sift through many flat-top models on the market to provide you with a top-notch list of the best flat-tops of 2022.

How we selected products

To pick the best flat-tops, we first combed through user reviews with verified purchases, since customer feedback provides such honest and fruitful insights into product performance and overall quality. We also focused on variety, making sure to provide an extensive line-up of flat-top grills with unique features. Whether you're looking for a spacious flat-top for the backyard that can grill for a crowd or a countertop model that can cook indoors, we've got you covered.

Affordability was another top priority in our selection process. This list of flat-top grills features models across the price spectrum, ranging from surprisingly economical all the way up to higher-end premium models. Rest assured that, regardless of your budget, you should be able to find a high-quality flat-top grill on this list that will suit your needs. Now that you're all set to treat yourself to a first-rate flat-top, get ready to whip up some of the best homemade cheesesteaks you've ever tasted.

Best overall flat-top

For a flat-top grill that has it all, check out this 36-inch propane-fueled model from Blackstone. With four separate cooking zones and temperature dials, this spacious flat-top features an electric igniter and has plenty of room to grill for a small group. If you don't need the whole range, you can always just turn on one or two burners and keep it simple. Keep in mind that flat-tops are great for more than just breakfast. You can cook and saute anything just like you can in a pan, except with a flat-top you'll have much more space to work. Chicken teriyaki, fried rice, seared ahi tuna — all of these dishes and more can be easily prepared on your flat-top.

This Blackstone flat-top grill comes with dual side shelves for storage and convenient access to ingredients and tools, five square-feet of cooking space, and raised metal walls along every edge to prevent spillage. Even though this flat-top grill weighs over 100 pounds, it's easy to move thanks to its industrial strength caster wheels that lock into place. It's no wonder this flat-top grill has earned four-and-a-half stars after more than 9,000 reviews from Amazon customers. It also earned one of the top spots on Best Reviews Guide. Once you make the switch from traditional grill grates to this spacious flat-top, you'll never look back.

You can buy the Blackstone 36-inch flat-top on Amazon for $299.99

Best budget flat-top grill

You don't have to break the bank for a new grill. This Hamilton Beach electric grill may seem on the small side, but looks can be deceiving: It can cook up to eight servings at a time and also features reversible non-stick grill plates to maximize versatility. Each side of this grill features its own temperature dial for a total of two separate cooking zones.

The reversible design on this grill allows you to cook with grates, griddle, or a combination of both. A grease channel runs under the center of the grill and comes with a removable tray so that you can dispose of drippings with ease. Speaking of easy clean up, the reversible grill grates are also removable and dishwasher-safe. With over 5,300 glowing Amazon reviews and a nearly perfect rating, it's clear that this flat-top package is sure to leave you feeling happy with your purchase. For such a popular model, it's amazing that this deal clocks in at under 60 bucks. Be sure to take advantage of this low price while it lasts!

Purchase the Hamilton Beach electric reversible grill on Amazon for $55.29

Best flat-top grill starter kit

If you're looking for just about everything you need to get started grilling on a flat-top, then this package from Blackstone should be a great fit. This Blackstone flat-top model grill is identical to our pick for best overall, with one important difference: this deal comes with seven extra accessories. Rather than having to buy a new flat-top and tools separately, you can get everything all at once in this convenient bundle.

Aside from the heavy-duty 36-inch flat-top grill, there's plenty of other useful culinary gear included in this generous offer. For starters, it comes with two long restaurant-style stainless steel spatulas that allow you to flip and move food around the flat-top with ease. These extra long spatulas make cooking sausages, pancakes, burgers, and any of your other favorite foods on this flat-top a breeze by maintaining a safe distance between your hand and the hot grill. It also comes with a stainless steel chopper that you can use to mince up ingredients on the grill or to scrape the flat-top clean when you're all finished cooking. 

Rounding out this deal is a melting dome, a protective grill cover, and two leak-free condiment bottles for sauces and marinades. All things considered, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better package with this amount of high-quality gear at such a reasonable price.

You can buy the Blackstone flat-top starter kit on Amazon for $368.88

Best flat-top grill for tailgating

One of the best parts of tailgating is eating all kinds of delicious grub fresh off the grill. Flat-tops are ideal for this game day tradition because they are easy to clean, cook evenly, and generally simplify the cooking process. There are no direct flames under the food to burn things, no charcoal to light or look after, and no grill grates to scrub or potentially lose food through. All you need to do is spread a little cooking oil over the flat-top, set the temperature dials, and you're in business.

One of the best features of this portable 24-inch flat-top grill from Royal Gourmet is its three separate burners. Many models this size tend to only provide two, but Royal Gourmet hooks it up with a third for extra temperature control. This is an ideal set-up for tailgating because you can have three separate cooking zones: one area for high-heat searing, another for cooking at a medium heat level, and a third spot on low for keeping food warm. At only 20 pounds, this flat-top is easy to move and a joy to cook on. It even comes with its own waterproof bag.

Purchase the portable Royal Gourmet flat-top grill on Amazon for $99.99

Best flat-top grill with hood

With their perfectly level hot surfaces, flat-tops are truly fantastic to cook with. That said, there's one essential feature that's often missing that usually comes with traditional grills: the hood. Having a lid on top of the grill traps heat, essentially transforming the grill into an oven. For thicker foods like steak or chicken that need a little more time to cook, having a hood on your flat-top can be highly useful.

This 22-inch flat-top grill from Blackstone comes with a stainless steel hood that completely covers the griddle, making it much easier to melt cheese and cook food all the way through. This flat-top connects to a grill stand if you want it to be elevated, but it can also easily detach and be used on a tabletop as well. This grill comes highly recommended by The RV Atlas for its even heat distribution, spacious cooking surface, and ease of use. At the end of the day, there aren't too many flat-top grills on the market equipped with a solid hood like this, making it worth every penny.

You can buy the Blackstone 22-inch flat-top grill with hood on Amazon for $265.

Best indoor flat-top grill

Due to a lack of easily accessible outdoor space, some of you may prefer to do all of your grilling indoors. That's where this 14-inch electric flat top comes in. Made with solid stainless steel, don't let this modestly-sized flat-top fool you: despite its relatively small-scale proportions, it can still pump delicious grub out like a powerhouse.

Equipped with a cast-iron cooking plate, an adjustable temperature knob that goes all the way up to 572 degrees, and a convenient grease tray located at the front of the grill, this flat-top has a four-and-a-half star rating after hundreds of reviews. It's equipped with adjustable feet, an efficient heating tube that promotes uniform temperature, and splash guards to contain food. It has also earned a high rating on Best Views Reviews for its design quality, temperature control, and even heat distribution.

Purchase the Yescom 14-inch electric countertop flat-top on Amazon for $129.99

Best flat-top grill for entertaining

Those of you who tend to keep a lot of company might be on the prowl for a bigger flat-top that can handle the task of cooking a hefty batch of food all at once. We've got you covered with this gas-fueled model from Pit Boss. Made with a blend of cast iron and stainless steel, the main draw of this flat-top grill is the fact that it comes generously equipped with five burners and boasts a luxurious 750 square inches of cooking space. That equates to enough space to cook for a whopping 20 or 30 people at a time.

Not only is this flat-top impressively large, but it's also exceptionally durable thanks to its heavy-duty steel construction. Need something that can still move around a bit? No problem. Even though it's seriously sizable, this flat-top grill is easy to cart around due to its well-designed locking caster swivel wheels. With two foldable shelves and a four-and-a-half star rating after nearly 3,000 customer reviews on Amazon, there's no doubt this flat-top is one of the best models on the market right now.

You can purchase the Pit Boss 5-burner flat-top grill on Amazon for $479.99

Best two-burner flat-top grill

Size wise, a two-burner flat-top grill is a great sweet spot. Compact enough to fit on most patios yet big enough to crank out a large batch of food, this flat-top model from Blackstone has two separate cooking zones made from stainless steel H-burners. Of course, another advantage of the two-burner system is the fact that you can create two separate heat zones while you cook.

According to University Grill, this flat-top has excellent heat retention and impressive mobility thanks to its sturdy steel construction and caster wheels. It's also worth noting that this flat-top has achieved the highly-coveted perfect five-star rating on Amazon after nearly 10,000 customer reviews. This flat-top grill also features an easy-to-use battery-powered ignition to make lighting the burners as effortless as possible. There's also a well-designed grease management system built into the rear of the grill that contains drippings out of sight. You're just a few clicks away from one of the hottest flat-top deals out there.

Purchase the two-burner Blackstone flat-top grill on Amazon for $199.99

Best gas flat-top grill

There's no denying the convenience of grilling with gas. With just the push of a button, you can immediately ignite a whole metal sheet that'll be hot enough to cook on in a matter of moments. This gas-fueled flat-top comes equipped with four separate burners, providing an impressive amount of temperature control over its non-stick griddle. 

One of the best features about this deal is the fact that it comes with two different cooking surfaces. One surface is a smooth flat-top griddle and the other is a traditional grill grate. This means that this deal gives you the best of both worlds: you can use the flat-top for anything you'd like, but you can also use the grates for those times you want to singe some beautiful grill marks across your food. 

The only downside is that the set-up restricts you to using one surface at a time. This flat-top package also comes with a foldable shelf on each side of the grill, providing ample space to store any extra supplies or seasonings that you need. All in all, this well-designed flat-top offers a surprising amount of convenience and versatility and gives a lot of bang for its buck.

You can buy the Camp Chef four-burner flat-top on Amazon for $447.79.

Best hybrid flat-top grill

If you're looking for a grill that allows you to take advantage of a flat-top and traditional grill simultaneously, this is the model for you. This propane grill from Royal Gourmet offers a flat-top griddle and traditional grill with grates situated side-by-side. A convenient set-up like this allows you to use both of these cooking surfaces at the same time, which is a unique yet practical feature that all of you grill masters will appreciate. 

Each half of the grill has two temperature dials for a total of four cooking zones. There are sturdy shelves on each side of the table for storage and easy access to extra supplies that you might need. With a deal like this, there's no need to make a choice between a grill or griddle. You can enjoy the advantages of both at the same time! Grill up some chicken over the fire, then chop it up on the griddle and make chicken quesadillas. The sky's the limit thanks to Royal Gourmet's clever design. It's no wonder Top Ten Reviews praised this model for its versatility.

Purchase the Royal Gourmet gas grill and flat-top combo on Amazon for $247.

Best portable flat-top grill

What's a great way to add even more flexibility to the highly versatile flat-top? Make it easily portable, of course! At only 50 pounds, this portable flat-top from Razor has an innovative design that allows it to fold down flat to get carted around on its two wheels like a suitcase. As is, this grill works with a one-pound gas cylinder, but it's also compatible with 20-pound tanks of propane with the additional separate purchase of an adapter hose.

It's easy to see why Best Grill Reviews applauds this flat-top's sturdy construction and flexible mobility. Made with durable stainless steel and equipped with a rolled steel lid, this flat-top is built to last. The design on this flat-top also features a grease management storage system that makes clean-up as easy as possible. One thing's for sure: Once you see how easy this grill is to fold down and travel with, you'll be taking it with you on all of your adventures.

You can buy the Razor portable flat-top grill on Amazon for $205.99

Best round flat-top grill

Round grills have their charms. For one, unlike with rectangular grills, it's often easy to access every side of a round grill from any number of different angles. Depending on your environment, it also might save you some space on the patio. Whatever your reasons are for preferring a circular grill, the fact remains that this rounded flat-top from Cuisinart is an impressive deal with plenty of features that you should take advantage of.

This grill comes with a vented stainless steel lid, making it a great choice for dishes that require a low-and-slow approach. It also boasts dual temperature gauges that allow you to adjust two separate temperature zones to your specific preferences. There is a folding table on one side and also a built-in paper towel holder, which is a very underappreciated feature that we wish more grills incorporated into their designs. Treat yourself to this round flat-top and see what you've been missing out on. Why not hook yourself up with a new BBQ tool set while you're at it?

Purchase the Cuisinart round flat-top grill on Amazon for $296.99