The Perplexing Food Combo Ross Mathews Eats Every Night

We all know someone who's got a favourite snack that might seem just a bit odd at first glance. If you claim you don't know someone with a weird go-to food craving, then chances are, it's you. But don't feel bad — even chefs with refined pallets like Jamie Oliver have guilty pleasure snacks that might seem a little bizarre. Dove Cameron's known to crave a strange food combo too.

And she's not alone. Recently, the Food Network shared a video on Twitter of TV personality Ross Mathews and his husband Wellington García discussing some of their personal favourite foods. According to People, the pair married in May of this year, and over the course of their relationship, it seems they've gotten used to each other's unique food choices. The video shows the two guessing each other's favourite meals to make, or that their partner has made, or their partner's go-to takeout order. But notably, García pointed out a unique food combo that he called the "craziest thing" he ever saw Mathews eat.

Mathews enjoys a savory combination

Pickles with parmesan cheese. Yes, you read that right, and according to the video, Wellington García says that Ross Mathews eats this snack every night.

"It's my favorite snack," Mathews says in the video, adding "It's so salty and yummy. But it's, you know, no carbs." His husband Garcia chimed in, saying "It's bizarre!"

It might not be as strange a pairing as it seems, though. Pickles and cheese are a classic combination, according to Culture Cheese Mag. From the classic ploughman's lunch, to pickles being a staple compliment to a good cheese board, pickles and pickled veg have been paired with cheeses of all sorts over the years. And while parmesan cheese might not be the ideal choice for a cheese and pickle sandwich, the pairing can work well together. For example, Food & Wine recommends using the sharp flavors of each ingredient in a salad that features parmesan cheese and a dill-pickle-based dressing. So it seems this slightly odd food match-up could be worth a try!