Jamie Oliver Is Turning Heads With His 'Dirty Little Secret Snack'

Certain food combinations just make sense. For example, no matter where you are in the world or how crisp you like your French fries, it's an unspoken rule that French fries are meant to be eaten with tomato ketchup. Similarly, a burger without a side of fries is unfathomable, a peanut butter sandwich without jelly is unthinkable, and pasta without cheese is an abomination.

And then, there are all sorts of bizarre food pairings. In fact, many celebrities have admitted to loving some pretty wild flavor combinations that happen to be a lot crazier than pineapple on pizza. Jennifer Lawrence, for example, turns her pizza into a sandwich with chili and spaghetti in between, while Channing Tatum adds Cheetos to his peanut butter and jelly sandwich (via People). Tiffany Haddish stuff her pickles with Jolly Ranchers and peppermint candies, and Kiss singer Gene Simmons adds loads of ice cubes to his cereal (via Buzzfeed).

Interestingly, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has an odd pairing of his own. Calling it his "dirty little secret snack" on Instagram, Oliver confessed that he enjoys a double whiskey with a thin slice of cheddar cheese stabbed with little salt and vinegar Hula Hoop rings for a snack. Needless to say, Oliver's fans were having a riot with the chef's admission.

Jamie Oliver likes cheese and Hula Hoops

While Oliver calls the cheddar cheese and salt & vinegar Hula Hoops combo his "dirty little secret snack" (which he says is filthy and genius at the same time), Instagram was more amused than disgusted by his bizarre snack of choice.

"Magnificent, this I'm going to try! #filthyfun," wrote British TV presenter Olly Smith. Others thought that this was the best recipe Oliver had ever invented, and that he should consider writing an entire book on his "dirty little secret snacks." Some admitted to already having tried this snack, and even went on to suggest ways to make the cheddar cheese and Hula Hoop snack even more bizarre and tasty — adding mango chutney or mango pickle, Philadelphia cream cheese, or peanut butter to the mix, as well as using chili sauce to dip the snack in.

Some of Oliver's fans thought that this flavor combination was amazing, and shared all sorts of odd snack pairings that they called their own dirty secrets. Even those on the fence about the cheese and Hula Hoops snack couldn't resist wanting to know what the hype was all about. One comment read: "I don't know whether to laugh or cry but I'll be secretly trying this later tonight, just for research purposes." Now that's quite a Jamie Oliver-approved snack to serve to adventurous guests — with a glass of whiskey, of course.