Trader Joe's Fans Are So Excited To Try Its Fall Inspired Bulgur Pilaf

Fall at Trader Joe's is officially in full swing, as evidenced by the return of favorites such as its pumpkin spice cashew yogurt, which people have been raving about as a fall breakfast staple. It also introduced a slew of new products this year, including its Caramel Apple Mochi, which has been exceptionally received since its launch earlier this season (via Buzzfeed).

But as food lovers know, fall is all about staying warm and cozying up with comfort dishes — and Trader Joe's also has its customers covered there. For example, its Butternut Squash Soup is extremely popular, with fans always looking forward to its return in stores. So when news broke on Reddit that it might be discontinued, people lost it. However, as noted before, the supermarket chain is constantly releasing new fall items for customers to try. One such item Trader Joe's put its own fall twist on is this Middle Eastern classic, and fans are definitely excited about it.

Trader Joe's combines tradition with fall flavors

Trader Joe's newest frozen meal, which can be either microwaved or warmed on a stovetop, is none other than its Bulgur Pilaf with Butternut Squash and Feta cheese. This is the chain's fall play on a traditional Bulgur Pilaf, which is served with fresh produce and lots of spices (via Feel Good Foodie). The Instagram account, @traderjoeslist, posted a photo depicting the new item, as well as a description and its nutritional content.

Part of the caption read, "For those that are craving a protein packed grain with a fall twist, check out this pilaf! Butternut squash with feta cheese will never be a miss!" The user then went on to ask followers if this would be something they would pick up during their next Trader Joe's run. 

Followers eagerly took to the comments with their opinions. One shopper wrote, "It is delish!! I chopped up some spinach and added too. So yummy." Other fans, claim they have yet to try the product, writing, "I definitely want to try this! Stay tuned for the review!" Though it is hard to forecast if this item will be a fall regular, some people in the comments say how it's a good way to sample a traditional Armenian dish, such as one user who wrote, "it's also a great buy for anyone wanting Armenian food and doesn't know how to make it!"