Trader Joe's Announced The Comeback Of An Exciting Fall Item

There are lots of amazing things that happen when late summer finally starts transitioning into fall. The leaves start changing colors, we can finally take our favorite sweaters out of storage, and, best of all, local coffee shops, restaurants, and stores start filling up with delicious fall treats. But here's the thing about fall treats: if you're vegan or just can't do dairy, then lots of the best seasonal options are unfortunately off the table. If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. It's estimated that there are about 1 million people in the U.S. who stick to a vegan diet (via Vegetarian Times), and according to MedlinePlus, there are about 30 million Americans who are lactose intolerant.

That means that when a big store comes out with a new dairy-free product, lots of people take notice. Trader Joe's shoppers couldn't wait to try its new organic cashew yogurt when it first came out, and that was just plain unsweetened yogurt. Now, with cool weather on the way and shelves filling up with seasonal treats, there's a returning Trader Joe's dairy-free product that tastes just like fall, and it might give the chain's original cashew yogurt a run for its money.

This fall yogurt alternative is back

How to supplement one's favorite fall breakfast of a pumpkin spice latte served with a slice of pumpkin bread? Try boosting the meal with some of Trader Joe's returning Organic Pumpkin Spice Creamy Cashew Cultured Yogurt Alternative. It's made with a bit of coconut cream for an extra-rich mouthfeel, and though it's pasteurized for food safety reasons, live and active probiotics are added after pasteurization has taken place so that this dairy-free alternative still has the same gut-health benefits as traditional yogurt. Unlike Trader Joe's original cashew yogurt alternative, the pumpkin spice flavor is sweetened with cane sugar.

When Instagram account @TraderJoesList announced the arrival of the new product, their fans sounded excited. Two people said that they had already purchased the pumpkin spice cashew yogurt alternative, while others said they were interested. "Can't wait to try it," wrote one; "I love the blueberry and strawberry versions." Another excited fan hungrily replied, "I'll take it in the whole tub size too thanks." Trader Joe's lists the yogurt alternative as "seasonal" on its website, so there's no telling how long this autumnal treat will remain in stores.

One thing to keep in mind? Some tasters are split on whether or not this is a good buy. On one Trader Joe's review website, it only scored a three out of 10 rating, with some commenters agreeing with the negative review, and others saying they actually really liked the pumpkin spice yogurt alternative.