Trader Joe's New Seasonal Mochi Is Turning Heads On Instagram

People looking for a family-friendly activity this fall might not immediately have shopping for mochi on their minds. After all, apple picking is a great way to spend an autumn afternoon, and there are so many amazing ways to cook with apples. But for those who'd rather skip the cooking and go straight to eating apple desserts, there are plenty of options at grocery stores. Recently, apple cider donuts came back to Trader Joe's, and shoppers are ecstatic about the return. There's also a new apple treat that's getting some hype on social media. And you can probably guess what kind it is.

Instagram user @traderjoeslist posted a photo of fall-themed mochi at Trader Joe's, and part of the caption reads, "I literally can not wait to sink my teeth into this." That same excitement is also expressed in the comments section. Here's what other shoppers have to say about this rice dough-covered ice cream.

Picking apple mochi at Trader Joe's

Some Trader Joe's shoppers have been gushing over all things pumpkin, like this pumpkin spice granola bark. But it's clear that some fans are ready for seasonal products that feature other classic fall flavors, like TJ's Caramel Apple Mochi, which is filled with caramel apple ice cream. One person commented on @traderjoeslist's Instagram post, "WOW! Something autumn related that is NOT pumpkin! I'll def be trying it!"

Over 20,000 people have liked the post, so it's clear that customers are excited about the Caramel Apple Mochi. User veggie_at_traderjoes wrote, "I've been waiting for these!!! Can't wait to try them." Another commenter said, "Not one box of mochi this week." While this may not be in stock at every Trader Joe's store, the presence of another mochi flavor might be on some people's minds. Just a few months ago fans were waiting for the return of Trader Joe's Ube Mochi, and even on this post about the caramel apple flavor, someone declared that they were "obsessed with the UBE flavored!"