Cat Cora's Cooking Tip For Tender Lobster Every Time

Lobster is an expensive shellfish delicacy that can make any ordinary meal feel special. It's no wonder that people associate lobster with Valentine's Day and romance. Lobster's rich flavor makes it great to eat on its own or mixed with other ingredients for an elevated dish. 

For example, celebrity chef Bobby Flay takes a basic brunch to the next level by adding lobster to his eggs benedict (via Food Network). Of course, you can't mention lobster without immediately harkening to images of lobster rolls. Depending on if you're team Connecticut or team Maine, your lobster roll will either be served cold with mayonnaise, Maine style, or served warm with butter, Connecticut style (per Food Network).

Interestingly, there are also a few schools of thought for what is the best way to cook lobster. Luckily, we have more than a few celebrity chefs who can advise us on the best methodology for accomplishing this task. Martha Stewart recommends boiling lobsters, while others prefer the sous-vide method. 

In a recent Instagram post, "Iron Chef" star Cat Cora shared her preferred method for cooking delicious lobster.

Flip it over

Unless you are buying a pre-cooked lobster, you're going to have to tackle the unsavory task of cooking the lobster. Whole lobsters are sold alive, which means they need to be killed to be cooked. Luckily, there are humane ways to perform this act, while retaining the best flavor and texture.

On October 18, Cat Cora shared a new reel on her Instagram page that detailed the best way to prepare lobster. In the post, Cora showed her followers the most humane method to cook the highly sought-after seafood. To begin, Cora sets out a large pot of boiling water, then turns the lobster upside down before placing it in the pot. According to Cora, turning the lobster over actually lulls it to sleep. Fans were surprised to see this method, with one user writing, "Why have I never seen this before!? Good to know!"

According to Lobster Anywhere, Cora's unusual method works by putting the shellfish into a "hypnotic state" before cooking. For those still feeling a little uneasy about boiling a live lobster, Andrew Zimmern also suggests plunging a knife through the lobster's head in order to reduce suffering. According to Food Network, lobsters should be cooked in salted, boiling water for only 12 to 18 minutes. This ensures that lobsters are perfectly tender and not under or overcooked. Once the lobster is cooked, it's up to you to decide how to enjoy it.