What Deion Sanders Eats After A Big Game - Exclusive

Food is the fuel of the body, and no one knows that better than athletes — and there are few athletes more accomplished than Deion Sanders. Sanders is one of the few sports stars who has played in two professional leagues at the same time, even appearing in a Major League Baseball game and a National Football League game on the same day. Now, after years of being a sports analyst, Sanders has returned to the field as head coach at Jackson State University. But he's also gearing up for a guacamole competition with his fiancée and TV personality, Tracey Edmonds, in partnership with Avocados From Mexico.

In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Sanders gave us the details on the guac face-off, and he also discussed his new healthy eating regime that he keeps with Edmonds. "We're getting up there in age. We like to stay healthy and eat healthy and train healthy and live a healthy lifestyle," he said. "Once a week, sometimes, I would cheat, but other than that, I eat clean and healthy."

With all the high-stakes games punctuating his life, we asked Sanders more about what he does for dinner after a big game.

Sanders' post-game meal

After a hard game, the last thing anyone wants to do is then cook a meal. Luckily for Deion Sanders, that is not a problem. "Post-game, we have this cook named Bettina that's unbelievable here in Jackson, Mississippi, so we can enjoy the game. Tracey can enjoy the game. She don't have to worry about cooking and preparing meals for once we get back home with several people. It's a little bit of everything that we like, so [Bettina] puts it down and we're happy with what she brings, what she cooks, what she prepares for us." Bettina is able to mix it up, preparing all sorts of meals to keep Sanders and Edmonds happy, while still fitting into their preferred diet. 

When the munchies hit, though, Sanders enjoys guacamole, and that is all thanks to his fiancée. "Tracey actually introduced me to avocado guac, and I was thankful because I'm an older guy that's stuck in my ways and I'm happy with that introduction. I hadn't looked back there."

Now that the couple has partnered with Avocados From Mexico, they're in a guacamole face-off for the ages. Each has created their own next-level guacamole recipe for consumers to make at home and vote on. With each vote, consumers will be entered to win $100,000 — which sounds like a fun reason to try a healthy snack.

To try Edmonds' and Sanders' guacamole recipes and vote on your favorite flavor, visit your local grocery store during the promotional period and scan the QR code on the promotional stands.