Is Subway Open On Thanksgiving 2022?

Thanksgiving's coming up, and you know what that means? Turkey. Turkey for dinner, turkey for leftovers, turkey at your aunt's, turkey at home, a giant turkey balloon at Macy's Thanksgiving parade, ectara, ectara. Eventually, during those long days of nothing but white meat and giblet gravy, someone might stand up and say, "The only turkey I want is a turkey footlong from Subway, and I'm going to snap if I have to break another wishbone!" Of course, the only thing that might be standing between a customer and a customized turkey sub is whether or not Subway is even open on Thanksgiving Day. But that really depends on the location.

When wanted to know if Subway would be open on Christmas 2021, it asked the company. The sandwich chain explained that Subway locations are managed by franchisees instead of a single entity. So whether your local Subway stays open on a holiday like Thanksgiving is up to that location.

Customers should ask if their Subway location will be open

If you want to know if Subway is open on Thanksgiving, it's best to ask. But whom you ask also matters. In 2020, someone on the subreddit r/Subway raised the question of whether Subway would be open on Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. The answers varied. "Yeah, we close on those holidays," responded FriskeyVsWorld. "Our store is also closed on Easter and for most holidays beside that, we usually have laxed hours since we're not really that busy (we'll run our Sunday schedule that day)."

Another Redditor, TheRtHonLaqueesha, said, "My local one was open on Thanksgiving last year was actually extremely busy and hectic, with tons of in-person and delivery orders coming in every minute. There were only two employees working there and delivery drivers were yelling at the employees for having to wait a long time for their orders." In other words, if you want to know about your specific location, it's best to contact the business directly by phone or use the Subway app (via

The World and Then Some tells us that, should your local Subway be open on Thanksgiving, you may actually be able to get a holiday deal. The site also noted that in previous years, fans could get their hands on a limited-time festive sandwich, such as the Autumn Carved Turkey Sub.