How Alex Guarnaschelli Really Feels About Facing Scott Conant Again - Exclusive

If you tune into an episode of "Chopped," there's a good chance you'll catch chefs Alex Guarnaschelli and Scott Conant at the judges' table. The two have been judging the show together for nearly 15 years and have built a lasting friendship along the way. However, you might not have known that Guarnaschelli and Conant have seen that relationship tested by a little friendly competition.

In 2013, the two faced off (along with Amanda Freitag and Marc Murphy) in the judges' round of "Chopped: All-Stars" Season 3. After three rounds and some seriously tough mystery basket ingredients, Conant emerged as the champion (via Food Network). That victory stands supreme, as the two haven't competed against each other in the kitchen since then (unless you count trading jokes).

But a lot can change in a decade. Both of the chefs have continued to build their cooking and Food Network careers, and Guarnaschelli has even been named an Iron Chef. What would happen if the two went head-to-head again? Recently, we caught up with Guarnaschelli at the New York City Wine and Food Festival and asked if a rematch would ever be in the cards. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Guarnaschelli shared her feelings about the prospects and likelihood that you'll ever see her and Conant compete against each other in the kitchen again.

Alex Guarnaschelli and Scott Conant put friendship over victory

When we asked Alex Guarnaschelli if she'd ever face off in another competition against her longtime friend Scott Conant, she responded first with nothing more than a hearty laugh and a sassy joke. "We've had a lot of therapy in 10 years," the chef quipped. She went on to say, on a more serious note, "That's just not where we're at. That's not a measure of anything. That's one plate in a day, so no. "

That's not to mention that if you're a big fan of Conant, then you've probably already heard how much he dislikes competing. The "Chopped" judge is down to witness the action (and taste the results) any day, but he hung up his apron for showdowns a long time ago.

However, just because they have no plans to compete in the kitchen, that doesn't mean that they won't stop going head-to-head outside of it. Their fun-loving friendship is built on nearly 15 years of working together, many great memories, and a whole lot of jokes and hazing. Guarnaschelli couldn't resist getting one in with Mashed, letting us know with a chuckle, "Getting him to button his shirts higher and wear different necklaces, now that's something I'm going to work on."

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