GBBO Fans Are Devastated Over The Custard Week Elimination

The reason to watch cooking competition shows is the unpredictability. Every week there's a chance that a beloved contestant is going to whip up a frightful batch of inedible coffee cake that is supposed to be shaped like a dinosaur on "Bake Off: Extra Slice," but instead looks like a model from a high school health class (via Twitter). There's also the possibility that some mad genius of the culinary arts is going to emerge, and be crowned the "Chef Supreme" and given a scepter and a big chalice from which to drink. Sadly, what more often happens is wonderful cooks get axed and hearts get broken.

One such devastating elimination happened on "Great British Bake Off" during custard week. In fact there was a lot that was loathed about custard week on GBBO. Eater complains that there wasn't enough baking on the baking show. This makes sense, as The Sun reports that the bakers were first told to make custard and post meringue, which doesn't really involve an oven. Then they were given an ice cream technical challenge, which seems like a great set of challenges for a new spin-off, the "Great British Mixing and Cooling Stuff Off," but doesn't truly belong on a "Bake Off."

When these non-baking baking challenges ended up eliminating fan favorite Kevin from the show, many viewers were understandably upset, and vocal about their discontentment.

Kevin is gone, but his custard shall not be forgotten

There's very few people on the notoriously kind GBBO who come off as vicious rapscallions. Typically the amateur bakers are considerate, thoughtful people. Kevin of GBBO Season 13 was no exception. He is an accomplished musician who also teaches music, according to his GBBO profile. He was likewise adored by fans.

"I'm so sad to see Kevin go he's produced some of the most iconic bakes this year," said one Twitter user who put up a photographic homage to Kevin. "I think Kevin is a lovely guy and I bet his baking is delicious. I'll miss him," responded a commenter who felt the sting of Kevin's departure. Another person had problems with the GBBO challenges, saying, "The challenge was set custard and he did that!"

Part of the frustration of Kevin's exit was that it was difficult to understand. Host Prue Leith as much as admitted that Kevin had some masterful custard, saying "That custard will remain with me for the rest of my life." Ultimately, it wasn't the custard that ended Kevin's tenure on GBBO, but his showstopper, according to Metro.

Even after being chucked out of the baking tent, Kevin stayed classy. He wrote a letter that can be found on Twitter. In it he thanks "whoever had the ridiculous notion to let me loose in the tent!" and expresses hope that he "brought a little joy" to the people at home. Truly, he shall be missed.