Why Bake Off: Extra Slice's 'Dino' Cake Left Everyone In Stitches

For lovers of "The Great British Bake Off," Jo Brand has a hilarious spinoff — "An Extra Slice." According to the show's website, "An Extra Slice" gives fans not only additional interviews and a behind-the-scenes look at the hit series, but also offers the chance for fans to share their own baking attempts — whether they are above average or less than stellar.

Some of these fan creations are stunning, like Louise Henderson's knitting basket cake, Nicola Fisher's treasured chest, and Shannon Mignano's chicken cake, while others are a perfect example of the Pinterest fails we love to browse on Buzzfeed.

And one particular nightmare-inducing cake recently went viral after its feature on "An Extra Slice." If you watch the show, you probably already know which cake we're talking about, but for those who don't, let's just say that this dinosaur cake would be more appropriate for a bachelorette party than a birthday.

This 'dinosaur' cake is definitely not for kids

Fans of "An Extra Slice" were torn between horror and amusement after the show shared a viewer submission. According to The Sun, one grandmother made a dinosaur cake for a relative's birthday, only for the cake to appear "phallic."

Needless to say, Twitter was astounded by this particular cake. Many people could only respond in the form of a GIF, while others mustered up the strength to give the new dinosaur species a name. Still others were in stitches, saying, "Gotta love that grandma!" and "Looks like Grandma was into the cooking sherry." Another woman commented, "Awww bless, it's the thought that counts."

As for the birthday boy's reaction to the cake, it was clarified on Facebook that the dinosaur was for a one-year-old. His mother, who shared the cake with "An Extra Slice," said her mother-in-law made the cake, and despite the internet's wild reactions, her little boy couldn't have cared less. Hey, a cake is a cake, right?