Adam Richman Opens Up About His Last Meal With Anthony Bourdain - Exclusive

TV host and foodie Adam Richman has basically built an entire career out of memorable meals. His claim to fame is "Man V. Food," where he devoured scores of showstopping, over-the-top, out-of-this-world dishes that most of us couldn't forget if we tried. Before that, Richman was traveling around filming shows like "The Best Places I've Ever Been" and "The Traveler's Guide to Life." Since "Man V. Food," he's gone on to host and appear on a range of other shows focused on unforgettable food, he's published a cookbook, and most recently, he's launched his own podcast, "The Meals That Made Me," with First We Feast.

Mashed got the chance to catch up with Richman at the New York City Wine and Food Festival while he was participating in the event's annual Burger Bash. Naturally, he talked about some of the most memorable burgers he's ever had before sharing details about the other unforgettable meals he gets to discuss on his new podcast. While Richman gets to talk with a range of amazing chefs and influencers, including his mentor, Andrew Zimmern, Richman has mentioned before that he'll always wish he could have his friend and confidante, the late Anthony Bourdain, on the podcast.

"My heart breaks. I wish I could," he told Mashed in our exclusive interview. We asked Richman what meals they might discuss, and he shared some details about the last meals he had with his mentor and culinary inspirations.

Adam Richman and Anthony Bourdain bonded at New York City's Spotted Pig

When Adam Richman looks back on his memories with his friend and mentor Anthony Bourdain, it's no surprise that the memorable meals they had together easily come to mind. If Bourdain were here today to chat with Richman on "The Meals That Made Me," Richman is certain that one of the dining experiences they would discuss would be "the last meal he and I ate together one on one," Richman told Mashed.

That meal took place at the famous New York City restaurant The Spotted Pig, and it was no doubt one for the books. As Richman described it, "We had the whole top floor to ourselves, and they did a pig face." It wasn't exactly a staple menu item you could get at the storied and now-closed establishment (one with a complicated history and legacy at that, via Eater), but it was a meal that was certainly reflective of Richman and Bourdain's shared love of globally inspired comfort food.

"We both loved runny eggs and crispy pork, and we both loved food from certain regions of Brazil." Richman also recalled "the last time [he] saw" Bourdain in person, and it happened to be over another meal of sorts. "We had drinks in his hotel in Rome," Richman said, having caught up with Bourdain while they were both on the road filming. 

For the sake of the podcast, Richman also mentioned a few other meals that truly made Bourdain into the culinary and cultural inspiration that defines his legacy. First and most famous, "The oyster was what set him on his whole journey," said Richman. "Bluefish was what helped get him his first job," he added.

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