Twitter Is Loving Lay's Faux Flavor With Skittles

Skittles has been stealing the spotlight with its hilarious YouTube ads and social media activity. And once again, it has earned national media attention following its response to a Tweet by another popular food company — Lay's.

Like Skittles, Lay's has an active presence on the social media platform and stays up to date with popular trends and TV shows, too. So in the spirit of Halloween, the Lay's Twitter account posted a tweet, reading, "This is a trick, but it sure would be a treat if they were real!@Skittles." Attached to the post was a picture of a Lay's chip package, but with Skittles' logo and design. Additionally, the bag was labeled "Rainbow" which is the candy company's most classic flavor variety. Based on the comments left on the post, fans are definitely enthralled with the idea of the product. Some comments include, "Need" and "I'd nom that." However, candy and chip lovers alike went just as wild for Skittles' response.

Fans want this crossover to be real

Skittles tweeted not one, but two responses to Lay's, confirming what we believe is interest in making such a product happen. Shortly after Lay's tweeted the picture, Skittles' social media marketing team wrote, "It's a good weekend DIY project." It then reposted the tweet, with the caption, "This is what happens when you play truth or dare with a brand." Again, Twitter users went berzerk at the possibility of these two brands working together on a joint product, with one stating what we are all thinking — "i want it."

Halloween is definitely a busy season and a special time for Skittles, as evidenced by the ghost emoji being added to its name as the holiday approaches. Furthermore, its products were rated as the second most popular candy during "spooky season," according to research conducted by Therefore, we have to conclude that if it were to collaborate with the popular chip empire, it's highly likely to be a success.