Skittles' Self-Roast Over A Packaging Fail Is Too Good

Some fast food chains and large food brands are fairly active on social media, and often, they're interacting with one another. And more often than not, these accounts are making fun of one another. For example, Instagram loved it when Wendy's roasted McDonald's. But recently, Skittles took a different route, owning up to its own packaging mistake and roasting its own brand. It's always fun to see this lightheartedness, and Twitter seems to be enjoying it as well.

In the tweet, Skittles posted a photo of mislabeled Skittles-flavored popsicles. The green popsicle is labeled as orange; grape is supposedly the red popsicle; strawberry comes in purple, and green apple is bright orange. The text in the tweet reads, "YOU: SKITTLES bring back lime! YOU, AGAIN: SKITTLES label the flavors correctly! SKITTLES: I can't move mountains people!"

This also references the fact that Skittles brought back its original lime flavor. For a while, the green Skittles were green apple, but fans begged for the return of the lime candies. If having lime Skittles back means a misprint on the popsicles, we'll take it, especially with a bit of humor from the company.

Here's what Twitter had to say about Skittles' self-roast

If your first thought wasn't about the roast itself, you might have been surprised to see that Skittles makes its own popsicles (per Bustle). Most of us enjoy Skittles in its original candy form, and one person, Chef Mike Haracz, was shocked at the photo and commented, "What is this?!?!" Skittles responded with "Skittles freezer pops! Labeled perfectly." The rest of the comments were more focused on the labeling.

While some responses were supportive of the labeling mistake, other people expressed how much this photo and packaging fail annoyed them. Another brand account, Gold Peak, commented on this image and said, "You're trying your best and thats what counts." On the flip side of things, someone on Twitter wrote, "thanks i hate it."

While some people are upset about the mismatched flavors and colors, one person seems to be looking on the bright side and references a game in a comment. Twitter user @The_Mooshie said, "Ooh Russian roulette of skittle frees pops. Is it a strawberry with grape coloring or grape flavored with strawberry writing."

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