Why Bobby Flay Chose Titan-Chef Brooke Williamson

Many celebrity chefs have a lot of different shows. At any given time the average superstar culinarian has an estimated 8,000 shows spanning 41 networks (only a bit of an exaggeration). This is to say nothing of their guest appearances on talk shows, radio shows, YouTube channels, TikTok videos, podcasts, and other media. It's possible one is hosting a young chef mentoring broadcast in your kitchen right now. Actually, if it's Rachael Ray, you might want to break it up before she spreads more lies about cooking. However, if it's Bobby Flay, let it run.

Chef Flay is one of the more prolific food artists out there, and he has the résumé to prove it. He's always dragging other cooks onto the Food Network to beat him, going to the coast with his daughter Sophie, traveling to Italy with Giada De Laurentiis, or showing up in a very special Food Network holiday movie. The man is everywhere. Most recently he's taken on "Bobby's Triple Threat," which is a show that features a triad of titan chefs taking on a challenger (via People). To do this right, he selected "Top Chef" winner Brooke Williamson to help bring the heat.

Some are wondering why Flay opted to use the blonde sauté maven in his show, even though his reasoning couldn't be simpler.

Brooke Williamson makes the perfect titan because she loves food

Brooke Williamson seemed to be a natural choice for a competitive cooking show. After all, most of her career has centered on outcooking other people. The "Top Chef" winner was also featured on Guy Fieri's "Tournament of Champions," where she laid the proverbial smack-down upon those who dared challenge her in the kitchen. "I'm a naturally competitive person," she said in an exclusive Mashed interview. "I enjoy the thrill of putting yourself in that unpredictable place. I also feel like I'm pretty good at it." 

However, despite her apparent pitbull drive to win, that particular aspect is actually not why Flay wanted her on "Triple Threat." In fact, Flay's decision is much more straightforward in concept. "Brooke Williamson is one of the savviest chefs I know," Bobby Flay said in an Instagram post. "When you give Brooke a problem to solve in the kitchen, she's very thoughtful about it, but she always goes for satisfaction." This is what she brings beyond her competitive spirit: a love of food. 

Of course, this aligns perfectly with what Williamson told us. When it comes to working in the kitchen, Williamson always has her priorities straight. "Food will always come first," Williamson said. It's not merely that she can battle it out with the best bakers and broilers in the business. She's so good because she cares about how good something is. Her own bio says cooking was all she's ever wanted to do, and that passion is what makes her a true titan of the cookhouse.