Aldi's Thanksgiving Price Rewind Is Taking Us Back To 2019

If you're planning to host friends and family for Thanksgiving dinner this year, there's a good chance that you may be preparing the turkey. For those who are new to roasting a turkey, there's good news – the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line is back to walk you through making the perfect main course. But there's also bad news when it comes to the main Thanksgiving dish. This year, Thanksgiving turkey prices are soaring, and it's not just due to inflation. There are other factors, like the avian bird flu, which are also driving up turkey costs.

But luckily, even if you have to shell out a little more for turkey this year, you can save on other ingredients. In a press release, Aldi announced that stores will have a Thanksgiving Price Rewind. Wondering exactly what this means? Some of Aldi's holiday goods and key ingredients for a classic Thanksgiving dinner will match prices from 2019, and the chain says that this may equal up to a 30% discount on some items.

What's discounted for Aldi's Thanksgiving Price Rewind

From appetizers to desserts, Aldi's Thanksgiving Price Rewind covers plenty of Thanksgiving and holiday dishes. Customers can expect discounts on brie, prosciutto, quiches, bread rolls, macarons, and apple pie, according to a press release from Aldi. The Takeout also lists green beans, mini marshmallows, and cornbread stuffing as other items that will have lower prices. Although your first instinct might be to avoid wine from a discount store, there are actually a number of wines at Aldi that are worth stocking up on, and wines are also part of the chain's Thanksgiving deals.

The Kitchn also rounded up its top three items to purchase during Aldi's Thanksgiving Price Rewind, recommending the cornbread stuffing mix, which will come out for less than $1. Customers can start finding these deals at Aldi from November 2 through November 29, and discounted items will be marked with a red Thanksgiving Price Rewind icon in store and on ads.

Besides the benefit of savings, buying side dishes at Aldi will take some of the stress off of preparing a full meal. Instead, you can focus on making one or two dishes shine. Looking for ideas on how to wow guests with dessert? Here are four ways to make a pumpkin pie.