GBBO's Kevin Shared A Heartwarming Tribute To This Week's Eliminated Contestant

There are a few words that generally describe the way cooking competition shows work. The term "cutthroat" comes to mind when considering the general behavior of the contestants. "Relentless" and "vicious" are also high on the list of adjectives. These shows tend to bring out the worst in people, as evidenced by the insults that come out of TV food competitions. The environment on these shows is brutal and intended to put people under pressure. That's why "The Great British Bake Off," aka "The Great British Baking Show," is so unique.

Though "GBBO" is a competition, it doesn't pit participants against one another in the same way as other contests. Each person in "GBBO" is left largely to do their own thing, and the people aren't given the opportunity to do much in the way of undermining or sabotaging the efforts of anyone else, as this YouTube mashup shows frequently happens on "Hell's Kitchen." Instead, inside the tent is a land devoted to cooperation and support. Friendships regularly arise on "GBBO," and it's not uncommon to see alums appearing on one another's Twitter feed.

One of the other things that is unique about "GBBO" is how loving and kind eliminated contestants can be to those who end up getting the axe. One such example is the notoriously considerate Kevin, who couldn't have been nicer about one of his fellow contestants who was cut from the show.

Kevin offers sympathetic words, while others call for 'justice'

Kevin was widely beloved when he appeared on "GBBO." He was so well liked, in fact, that when he was cut from the show during the custard week debacle, fans took to social media to express their displeasure. Following their example, Kevin was quick to get on the Twitter machine to add his support for Maxy, who was removed from the show shortly after he was.

"Well done Maxy," said Kevin on Twitter after she was eliminated during the pastry week contest. "The kindest soul, there's no second-guessing her heart. Everyone needs Maxy in their life. Not 'a Maxy,' but THIS Maxy. Show her your love, people," Kevin concluded.

Though Kevin asked for "love" to go to Maxy, many are instead calling for recompense. "Justice for Maxy," tweeted one unhappy person who clearly felt she'd been unfairly dismissed. Another Twitter comment read, "#GBBO not watching anymore, bring back maxy." The outcry for her return seems to be tied to how charming and talented viewers thought she was. "Maxy was like a swan each week serene on the outside, working hard below surface ... making everything look so easy," tweeted another fan. Still, the show will go on, sans the fan-favorite contestant.