Twitter Is Gushing Over A Surprise GBBO Contestant Friendship

The "Great British Bake Off", aka "The Great British Baking Show," is a unicorn in the land of ogres. Most cooking competitions are cutthroat. "Hell's Kitchen," which has dialog riddled with obscenities from the host as much as the participants, is a good example of this type of contest's most common format. Tune in, and you can expect a lot of antagonism, sabotage, and arguments. Conversely, go over to "GBBO," and you'll see a loving, supportive environment where kindness and camaraderie carry the day.

The tent where "GBBO" takes place has become such a hotbed for friendship that everyone seems to care about one another. Crystelle Pereira confirmed that hosts like Noel Fielding were lovely and kept her calm, while Eater reports that a pair of former contestants became "best mates" and fired up their own TikTok account. In fact, it's very common to see former contestants sharing posts on social media or offering warm words to their fellow bakers. The Atlantic discusses a pair who were many years apart in age, had largely different backgrounds, and yet bonded on the set.

As such, new seasons of "GBBO" always introduce new opportunities for friendship. It seems there's yet another pair of dough-slingers who found more than victory and flour on the set, and Twitter is all, well, atwitter with affection for the delightful duo.

Love, baking, and bunnies drive the Twitter world wild

Jürgen Krauss and Janusz Domagala didn't even appear on the same season of "GBBO," yet they appear to have developed a friendship that is drawing coos, oohs, aahs, and other words with double letters from social media. Domagala, a contestant from "GBBO" Season 13, put up a picture on his Twitter account that included Krauss, along with Krauss' rabbit. He captioned it, "Had a fantastic time meeting my bake-off brother @juergenthebread, his lovely family, and his bunny Humphrey!" Naturally, the response has been heartwarming.

Notably, fans of the series weren't the only ones to chime in with happy thoughts. @MaxyTheBaker, another Season 13 contestant, retweeted the image with a kindhearted caption, "TWO ABSOLUTE LEGENDS," that included two effusively starstruck emojis. In another reply, a fan named @CulinaryWoman posited a potential future for the two "GBBO" favorites, saying, "They'd be a dynamite combination for a baking/travel show." The commenter then went on to explain how their culinary backgrounds could complement one another.

After seeing these two in action, it's easy to understand why a fan might make such a suggestion. Domagala is such a gentle soul that the moment one of his fellow contestants, Rebs, was criticized, Metro reports that he immediately defended her, proving the kind of person he is. Go to Krauss' Twitter account, and you'll find similarly tenderhearted content. In another retweet of Domagala's tweet, @juergenthebread wrote, "It was great to have you over and talk all things Bake Off!" It just proves that when good people find each other, magic happens.