Trader Joe's Fans Are Raving About Its Returning Mushroom & Truffle Flavored Pesto

Trader Joe's is known for keeping up with trends, and shoppers eagerly await its new and returning items each season. The fan-favorite, fall-ready mushroom and truffle flavored pesto has been spotted in stores, and fans are excited.

The Trader Joe's website describes the sauce as "umami-imbued," with ingredients including white truffle oil, Romano cheese, and portobello and shiitake mushrooms. Trader Joe's is not a stranger to truffle-infused sauces, including its fan-favorite truffle picante spice pasta sauce. When the sauce was available in 2021, some doubled down on the truffle by pairing it with Trader Joe's truffle cream gnocchi. Or, for another seasonal treat, the pumpkin gnocchi is another autumnal favorite. 

It was well-received in 2021, but will this year's version of Trader Joe's Mushroom & Truffle Flavored Pesto enjoy the same adoration? If the reaction on Instagram is any indication, this seems to be a love-it-or-not item among truffle enthusiasts.

Fans eagerly greet its return

Fan account Trader Joe's List announced the return of the mushroom and truffle flavored pesto in a Nov. 2 Instagram post, writing that the sauce "would be phenomenal on steak" or tossed with pasta.

Plenty of fans were super excited about the sauce's return, with one follower dubbing it "truffle season." Another said, "I have never seen this before oh my god I need it." Another follower suggested using the pesto as a "sauce for a flatbread." "I was told it was discontinued so it being back makes me SO HAPPY," another fan commented.

Still, not everyone was on board with the sauce. "The non-stop canola oil usage is a turnoff sadly ... why not just use olive oil?" one person wrote. Another commented, "way too overpowered by the truffle. I like truffle, but TJ's goes overboard with all the fake truffle in their holiday items and they're honestly gross."