Emma Chamberlain Thinks A Really Good Cup Of Coffee Should Take You On A Journey

Entrepreneur and coffee connoisseur Emma Chamberlain knows a thing or two about what makes the perfect cup of coffee. Though the 21-year-old star got her start on the internet through her quirky personality and YouTube videos, over the years, she has quickly transformed her brand to revolve around her love for the caffeinated beverage. She publicly founded her own coffee company, Chamberlain Coffee, which has grown into a million-dollar business in its first few years (via Forbes).

The NorCal-born creator's public image is so interwoven with the beverage that she previously sat down with Hailey Bieber to discuss all things coffee in a Levi's campaign last year (via Levi's). Furthermore, she recently appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" to host a segment called, "Barista Confessions" (via Footwear News). Most recently, Chamberlain appeared on the widely-recognized food outlet, First We Feast, to sample some spicy wings and share what it feels like to have a truly good cup of coffee.

Chamberlain calls gas station coffee one note

Social media influence Emma Chamberlain appeared on the November 3 episode of "Hot Ones," a segment run by First We Feast host Sean Evans. In the episode, Chamberlain and Evans touched on everything from interior design to hosting last year's Met Gala (via YouTube). However, it was a given that one of Evans' first questions revolved around the influencer's favorite drink.

Evans asked, "So in the same way that I'm inextricably linked to wings, you are connected to coffee, which you have been slurping down in prolific quantities since you first started making YouTube videos. In layman's terms, what is the difference between like a gas station, one dollar cup of coffee and then the five dollar cup you get at some thirdwave coffee cafe?"

And considering her trusted coffee expertise, Chamberlain's response did not disappoint. She likened a good cup of coffee to a journey, stating that "you want to go back and have more," versus a coffee from a gas station that is merely "a suggestion of a coffee flavor." With her company's values – such as making "coffee with a conscience" and "every bean counts" — it's no doubt that Chamberlain appreciates meaningful, flavorful coffee. Perhaps you may now find yourself in search of such a cup of joe.