Hailey Bieber Is Mystified By This Shake Shack Condiment

Hailey Bieber loves her some Shake Shack and per Life & Style, the proof has been well-documented. Back in January 2019, the supermodel and wife of musician Justin Bieber, took to Instagram to ask "Here's a battle I have with myself often. I've already Postmated Shake Shack once tonight ... It's now 10:38 p.m. Is it a pure CRIME to order it again ... ? Or do I need to just chill?" A cliffhanger for sure, but we secretly hope she ordered it again. 

There was also that time after she walked for the Versace fashion show in 2018, and after shedding her runway wear, she headed over to Shake Shack for a celebration meal. Bieber posted to her Instagram stories a photo of a Shake Shack bag and captioned it "Happening" (per US Food). What Shake Shack meal is good enough after a walk on the runway? We have no idea, but sometimes ignorance is bliss and we're happy to imagine it was some famous Shake Shack fries and a Chicken Shack. These are the thoughts that keep us up at night. But do you know what leaves Bieber mystified, and perhaps, causes her to lose a few winks? We will give you a clue: It's a Shake Shack condiment.

What's in the Shake Shack sauce anyway?

Maybe a Shake Shack venture gives the fashionista an opportunity to break bread with her main squeeze, "the Biebs," who has been spotted with Hailey at the fast casual chain. The two were seen at an NYC location, take out in hand, prompting the silent scream of their fans — "What's in the bag?" We can only assume that, in the words of Justin Bieber, it was "Yummy, Yum" and that it probably included Shake Shack's special sauce the Mrs. is a fan of. 

During a 73-question interview for Vogue, the socialite revealed, when asked what mystery she would solve if she could, that it would be "The Shake Shack special sauce." Same. The only thing we know for sure is it doesn't contain cilantro because Hailey is said to hate this ingredient

So, what is it about this sauce that the blog Dinner Then Dessert describes as "creamy, tangy" and just as good on your fries as it is on your sandwich? Breaking down all the flavors your taste buds experience, the blog notes, Shake Shack's sauce uses mustard as its base, a little ketchup, some dill pickle, and cayenne. But have they decoded the secret to this special sauce Bieber is so fond of? Alas, it remains a mystery.