Chamberlain Coffee Just Got A New Look. Here's Why

Youtube blogger Emma Chamberlain recently unveiled the redesign of her coffee brand, Chamberlain Coffee, whose latest roasts became available on September 27. Originally launched in 2019, the company developed from, in Chamberlain's words to Hollywood Life, "a dream since I was little," releasing bags of steeped coffee, ground, and whole bean options. However, after going public with the final product, Chamberlain was dissatisfied. "We realized down the line that there was a lack of personality in the brand," she said as she explained the rationale behind Chamberlain Coffee's redesign to Refinery29. "The product was great but we just said, 'Let's start over. We have a great product to back it up. Let's make it the coffee brand of my dreams.'" 

Now, the coffee blends come in the cartoon animal options of Careless Cat, Early Bird, Social Dog, and Night Owl. While the palette description of each does indeed make each blend sound distinct, it's fair to say that tastes of chocolate and caramel define the brand's flavor profile. "It's almost like it was my baby that now is a young adult and I'm like, 'Oh my god, you're growing up and you look so beautiful,'" Chamberlain told Seventeen. Considering the fawning with which outlets like Elite Daily greeted the new look – "It may be hard to pick just one, especially if you want to show all the animals some love. (Who wouldn't?)" – the rebrand seems successful. However, the "zero bullsh*t" tagline has grown more debatable.

Consider the product

Chamberlain coffee's commitment to fair trade and commitment to sustainability is laudable. However, we should wade through the marketing and examine the product on its own terms. It's here that Chamberlain Coffee may disappoint. In January of 2020, Buzzfeed ran a piece on the backlash to the amount Chamberlain Coffee charged. The crux of the piece is that while $60 is a lot – yes, they did charge $60 – for a 30-pack of single-use coffee bags, it shouldn't be considered a scam because she is merely marking up the cost to a price which reflects her worth as a star and that she knows some fans would pay.

The rebranding didn't touch on the price tag of these coffees. Thirty bags cost $58 (via Tube Filter), and a 12-ounce bag costs $20. These prices are cheaper than your average coffee shop but are vastly more expensive than most store options. It's a luxury product geared for a specific fanbase. Yet, it could still warrant the price. After all, it could be amazing. A January review of Chamberlain Coffee by Mashable entertained that possibility, rating the product 3.25 out of 5. That average, however, is due to Chamberlain Coffee scoring 4 out of 5 on aesthetics, ease of use, and whether it delivers on what it promises. Regarding the value for your money, Mashable gave it a 1. So, if you want it, buy it. If you simply want caffeine, buy elsewhere.