Aldi's Holiday Coffee Creamers Are Spreading Joy On Instagram

One of the best parts of waking up in the morning is sipping on a hot cup of coffee. During the holiday season, coffee gets even better with the addition of seasonal flavors, syrups, and creamers. Sure, you could always brave the cold weather to drive to get a Starbucks peppermint mocha, but why leave the comfort of home? Lucky for us, there is a bevy of options to make a tasty and festive coffee drink in our own kitchens.

If you don't want to deal with purchasing a fancy espresso machine, you can still make a great cup of joe at home. One of the simplest and tastiest ways to impart some flavor into coffee is by using coffee creamer. According to Sprudge, coffee creamer is a sweetened liquid that may contain milk or another cream-like substitute. Creamers come in a slew of flavors, from classics like vanilla and hazelnut to more unique flavors like sugar cookie creamer

Liquid creamers add that extra oomph and flavor without the need for flavored syrups or spices. Grocery chain Aldi is no stranger to offering customers a wide range of creamer selections, especially during the holidays. The store sells pumpkin-flavored creamers and peppermint mocha creamers to bring some holiday cheer to a simple cup of coffee. This year, one returning flavor is helping make spirits bright.

Don't eat your peppermint, drink it

Aldi's expansive creamer line just got sweeter with the re-release of its white chocolate peppermint bark creamer. Instagram account, Aldi Favorite Finds, shared a picture of the dairy and non-dairy creamers. The dairy version is free of trans fat, while both kinds contain artificial flavors. Each container is 32 ounces, ensuring enough coffee creamer to last an entire holiday season. While each creamer is peppermint forward, the dairy version sticks to white chocolate, while the non-dairy version is mocha flavored.

Fans were quick to share their thoughts about the seasonal creamers on Instagram. Reactions ranged from, "Omg this looks delicious," to, "The peppermint mocha almond creamer is so good." For those not into minty flavors, Aldi offers a holiday sugar cookie-flavored creamer as well. Its website also lists oat milk eggnog for those who want a non-dairy creamer-like option. No word on how long the seasonal creamers will stick around, so you may want to stock up before the holiday season hits.