The Best Espresso Machines Under $100 In 2022

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If you're an espresso lover, then you likely already know espresso machines can produce some lovely drinks but also tend to get very, very pricey. This is because, unlike a cup of brewed coffee, espresso elevates your drink by brewing it with high water pressure. This process creates a uniquely silky, thick, and crema-topped espresso shot (via Serious Eats). Producing that level of high water pressure for such a specific result requires specific equipment that can often put a serious dent in your budget. 

But don't let this dash your homemade latte dreams! We've compiled a list of espresso machines that you can buy for under $100. These machines prove once and for all you don't need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to make yourself a great shot of espresso at home. You're better off spending your money on a quality coffee grinder, says coffee expert James Hoffmann. It would also help to learn all about the different types of coffee while you're at it. This means you can spend less money investing in an expensive espresso machine and save your funds for a great grinder and even greater coffee. Read on for some of the best espresso machines you can get for under $100 in 2022.

How we selected espresso machines

To make sure that we're recommending the very best espresso machines under $100, we took many different factors into account. These included experience levels, from the espresso newbie to the serious at-home barista. We also considered a variety of budgets, all while sticking to that $100 price cap.

In order to get to the best of the best, we perused recommendations and reviews made by coffee aficionados and experts, from coffee expert James Hoffmann to the New York Times, and every well-rated coffee blog in between. We figured that if a machine was good enough to win these bonafide coffee snobs seals of approval, then they would definitely be worth our recommendation. We also drew upon verified customer reviews. After all, few things can be more helpful and honest than feedback coming directly from people who are trying to brew a decent latte at home.

The best overall espresso machine under $100

For the aspiring home barista on a budget, the best overall espresso machine we found is the Koblenz 4-Cup Kitchen Magic Espresso and Coffee Maker. This all-in-one espresso machine boasts over 2,800 five-star reviews on Amazon. The Koblenz has 3.5 bars of pressure, which is plenty to get a decent extraction for an at-home latte, according to Majesty Coffee. Sure, the ideal pressure would be closer to seven to nine bars, but that'll cost ya.

Several reviewers say that it's easy to use the steam lancet to foam milk, which could be otherwise tricky for those of us not trained in the art of making picturesque foams on top of our lattes. And the fact it can make up to four cups at once means it's perfect for the person who lives alone and a small family of coffee drinkers. The Koblenz is also compact, so it won't take up a lot of counter space.

Purchase the Koblenz 4-Cup Kitchen Magic Espresso and Coffee Maker from Amazon starting at $81.

The best lo-fi espresso machine

With over 14,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, the AeroPress is officially one of the most popular single-serving coffee makers out there. This is not the first time the AeroPress has made it onto one of our best-of lists. That's because it's so easy to use and always produces a great cup of coffee. Simply put some ground coffee into the filter, add hot water to the chamber, let it all sit, and then push down. It's hard to justify spending a ton of money on a fancy espresso machine when you can just buy this glorified but still very effective tube.

We do need to point out that, technically, the AeroPress does not brew espresso. According to coffee aficionado James Hoffmann, it simply does not have the pressure capabilities to brew a true cup of espresso. However, it can brew a very strong and very small amount of coffee that will taste quite a lot like espresso. Because it's very easy to use and only costs $40, that sounds pretty good to us.

Purchase the Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker from Amazon for $40.

The best espresso machine for beginners

If you're just dipping your toe into the world of home espresso brewing, then we recommend the single-serving Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Machine. Mr. Coffee is a familiar and trusted name in the coffee game, and this is a machine designed with ease of use in mind. It holds your hand through what could otherwise be a difficult process that normally involves both brewing espresso and steaming your milk. At a price point of just $55, it's not a huge investment for newbies just finding their espresso footing.

According to Just A Dad, the Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Machine comes with a measuring cup that tells you exactly how much water to add for a single or double shot, as well as an indicator in the filter for how much coffee you'll need as well. A very basic knob makes it easy to switch between espresso-brewing and milk-steaming modes. This machine even includes a stainless steel milk pitcher so you can practice your foam art skills at home nearly the same way baristas do behind the coffee shop counter.

Purchase the Mr. Coffee Espresso and Cappuccino Machine from Amazon starting at $55.

The best stovetop espresso machine

If you want espresso without all the fuss and especially without sacrificing a ton of counter space for a full-blown espresso machine, then the classic Bialetti Moka Pot is the way to go. Coming in at $50, this simple stovetop percolator can be found in most kitchens all over Italy — that would be the birthplace of espresso, according to Perfect Daily Grind. While it only produces about two bars of pressure (meaning it technically won't make genuine high-pressure espresso), the coffee it brews is very close to espresso. We think that it can still be used to make your favorite lattes and cappuccinos at home (via Serious Eats).

If you're a true espresso elitist and are doubtful that this little kettle can make a decent brew, then you should know that the Bialetti Moka Pot has over 16,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. What's more, the New York Times even dubbed the Bialetti the best of the moka pots, citing its simplicity and the rich, bold coffee it produces as reasons it's a no-brainer.

Purchase the Bialetti Express 6-cup Moka Pot from Amazon starting at $50.

The best travel-friendly espresso machine

If you're one of those people who refuses to go camping for fear of missing their morning shot of espresso or who cannot stomach a bad hotel latte, then the WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker is the gadget for you. The creator was inspired to make this portable espresso maker after having a particularly uninspired cup at a hotel, according to Coffee Affection.

According to its enthusiastic reviews, the Nanopresso is easy to use, tremendously portable, and makes a tasty, albeit small, cup of coffee. The main complaint seems to be it's hard to clean, given that it comes with so many parts. There's also some debate as to whether or not it makes true espresso. This machine does boast the adequate pressure needed to qualify the resulting brew as espresso, but it requires a slightly coarser grind than what goes into a true espresso machine. Still, users seem pleased with their espresso and the crema it can produce, and we imagine you will be too!

Purchase the WACACO Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker from Amazon starting at $85.

The best espresso machine for Nespresso lovers

Nespresso machines have taken off thanks to their ease of use. Just like K-Cup coffee makers, all it takes to make a good brew with Nespresso is for you to pop a pod of pre-measured coffee into the top and press a button. A short while later, you will have a cup of decent coffee or espresso. Yet, there is a caveat here. While the use of single-use plastic pods is not exactly great for the environment, the other main issue is that Nespresso machines are seriously expensive. Some will run you $150 or even more, depending on the model. If that's a bit too rich for your budget, then look to the Mixpresso Espresso Machine. It works quite a lot like a Nespresso, to the point where it's compatible with Nespresso brand coffee and espresso pods. Yet, it will only cost you about $80.

All told, the Mixpresso Espresso Machine is just as good as Nespresso for about half the cost. If quick, easy espressos are what you're after, then this is a real bargain. According to Cafe Aroma, the coffee pods that Mixpresso sells are roasted and produced in Napoli, Italy, and create a delicious espresso or latte.

Purchase the Mixpresso Espresso Machine from Amazon starting at $80.

Best budget espresso machine

If you're reluctant to spend a lot of money on your coffee habit but still have that expensive espresso taste, then the SOWTECH Steam Espresso Machine is your best bet. Coming in at just $40 on Amazon, this little steam-powered espresso machine brews espresso and even steams and foams milk for lattes, all in one tiny, compact, extremely affordable little machine.

The SOWTECH Steam Espresso Machine is easy to use and according to one review, makes an espresso just as good as what you may find at your local Starbucks. Considering the cost of a Grande Cafe Latte at Starbucks will likely run you around $4, you can more than make your money back after just 10 days of using this espresso machine. While some reviewers complain that the espresso portafilter is hard to lock into place, the truth is that some hardware flaws are to be expected at this price point. So if your goal is saving money, give this a try. 

Purchase SOWTECH Steam Espresso Machine from Amazon starting at $40.

Best espresso machine to buy on Amazon Prime Day

At around $120, the De'Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine is technically out of budget for this list. However, this espresso machine is so well-rated that it's worth saving it on your wish list and waiting for the next Amazon Prime Day sale. While it's the priciest machine on this list, it's still a relatively cheap espresso machine and one that several Starbucks baristas have given their stamp of approval. With its double-shot capabilities and built-in milk frother, it's an all-in-one machine that's a (baby) step above the rest.

Even famed coffee connoisseur James Hoffmann gave the De'Longhi Stilosa his stamp of approval. After trying several cheaper espresso machines, the De'Longhi was the only espresso machine under $100 that met his exacting standards for a tasty cup of espresso. According to Hoffmann, the De'Longhi "was the best of these ones tested by a long way."

Purchase the De'Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine from Amazon starting at $120.

Best manual espresso machine for cappuccino lovers

There are a few portable espresso makers on this list, but they don't do the trick if you're someone who needs access to DIY lattes when you're on the go. That's where the Staresso Portable Espresso Machine comes in handy. For less than $100, you've got yourself an all-in-one portable, plug-free latte and cappuccino-making machine that brews espresso using a hand pump. As if that weren't enough, this device can also double as a milk frother.

According to Brew Coffee At Home, the hand pump allows you to build up to 15 to 20 bars of pressure, which is plenty to brew a perfect, crema-capped shot of espresso. The Staresso is easy to use, easy to clean, and makes a tasty brew. The one downside seems to be that it can be hard to put coffee in the filter without making a mess. And it might make your arm tired from all that pumping!

Purchase the Staresso Portable Espresso Machine from Amazon starting at $65.