The Best 2-Slice Toasters Of 2023

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Toasters are essential appliances. Without them, we'd be at a loss for what to apply avocado, butter, jam, cream cheese, bananas, or other toast-worthy ingredients onto. But with a toaster, you can turn bread into a meal. In addition to being quick and convenient, toasters are also user-friendly. As long as you remember not to stick metal utensils inside them — this poses an electrocution risk — there isn't much that you can do wrong with a toaster.

When shopping for a toaster, devices with two-slice capacities are especially useful. Two slices of bread are what most of us desire when making toast. For single people, or people living alone, two-slice toasters are the most fitting. But these appliances can also work well in small kitchens. Two-slice devices, rather than those with four-slice capacities, are typically more compact. Also, two-slice toasters are smaller than toaster ovens, which take up a lot of counter space.

Within the world of two-slice toasters, there are a few features that will be most desirable. Removable crumb trays are useful for efficient cleaning. Bread-lifting tools help with taking out smaller pieces of bread. Wider slots make it certain that you'll be able to fit thicker carbohydrates (such as bagels or English muffins) into each slot. Then, there are more rare devices, like long-slot toasters, travel toasters, or clear-view toasters that may be fitting to specific buyers. While there are some great toasters out there, we rounded up a bunch of attractive two-slice devices for you to consider.

How we selected products

Multiple factors were taken into account in compiling our roundup of the best two-slice toasters. We contemplated things like price to find toasters that were affordable or splurge-worthy. We considered the brands behind each product to determine which toaster makers had the best reputations for craftsmanship. Of course, we also looked at features such as adjustable shade control or unique toasting functions. Per Kitchenaid, these are some of the most desirable features for getting toast to a specific level of done-ness.

To figure out the accuracy of these features, we also conducted some research. User reviews came in handy for finding out what it's like to use a particular item. General popularity pointed us toward which toasters are commonly purchased by shoppers. Press reviews also highlighted items with good (or bad) reputations. All of this helps to supplement the information that's supplied by the toaster maker. Read on to discover the best two-slice toasters that are available in 2023.

Best overall toaster

The best overall two-slice toaster must check multiple boxes. It should be relatively affordable. In our opinion, that means a toaster that costs less than $75. However, it shouldn't be too affordable. If something is cheap, it could break easily or contain fewer of the desired features. It should have wide slots that make it versatile for toasting various types of bread (not just the sliced sandwich stuff). Also, it should have a cancel button. This allows users to quickly end the toasting process in case they realize the bread is burning. The Black+Decker two-slice toaster (model number TR2400SD) has all of the aforementioned features.

Overall, this toaster is simple and easy to use. This can be seen by the surface of the device. There are only three buttons: one for toasting frozen food, one for canceling orders, and one for selecting the doneness of your toast. This last control offers a dial with seven different settings. According to Amazon buyers, this toaster is a useful purchase that doesn't put a dent in your wallet. "Toasted quickly and evenly ... Great price, too," said one person. "It was inexpensive, but does a great job at making even, consistent toast," wrote another Amazon customer.

You can buy Black+Decker's two-slice toaster through Amazon for $59.95.

Best splurge toaster

For something a little more (or a lot more) luxurious, we recommend the Dualit two-slice classic NewGen toaster. At over $250, this appliance is several times what you might normally pay for a toaster. But that cost will bring you attractiveness, user-friendly controls, and extremely high-quality craftsmanship. Many of these features are connected to the outstanding reputation of the brand behind this toaster, which is Dualit.

According to the brand's website, Dualit has been hand-crafting toasters in the United Kingdom since the 1950s. All of Dualit's toasters come with either fully replaceable or repairable pieces. Some elements are also made with a special technology called ProHeat. This component, along with others, ensures that your Dualit toaster will last for years to come. If part of it breaks, there are methods in place to get it quickly repaired. If you like the look of this toaster, it could be a good choice to splurge on. This two-slice toaster has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon, where it's been reviewed over 1,100 times. People complimented the ability of this toaster to stand the test of time. "It is just [a] simple, wonderful and incredibly functional product. The bottom line is this machine, no matter the age, rocks," one person wrote.

You can buy Dualit's two-slice classic NewGen toaster on Amazon for $259.99.

Best budget toaster

For an affordable toaster, we recommend Black+Decker's two-slice toaster (model number T2569B). At less than $25, this toaster runs on the affordable side. But it doesn't sacrifice quality to get to this low price. The features listed on the Black+Decker website will tell you as much. It comes with an adjustable shade feature with six different settings. It also has three simple buttons, specifying whether the thing you are toasting is a bagel, whether it's frozen, or if you need to stop toasting immediately.

Customers who bought this toaster emphasized its simplicity, practicality, and compact size. On Amazon, this appliance has been reviewed over 6,000 times, receiving an average score of 4.6 out of 5. "Easy to clean and maintain. Small enough to fit out of the way when not in use," one customer wrote. "This is a good basic toaster at a fair price. Not a lot of whistles and bells, but that is what I wanted," another person said.

You can buy this Black+Decker two-slice toaster on Amazon for $23.

Best long-slot toaster

Long slots are one of the rarer features you'll find in a toaster. Instead of offering wide slots, which work with thicker foods such as bagels or English muffins, long slots accommodate longer pieces of bread. Think of the lengthy bread pieces that are sliced from a sourdough loaf. This is where a long-slot toaster might come in handy. For a great toaster of this kind, we recommend Cuisinart's two-slice long-slot toaster. With a width of about 18 inches, it's perfect for accommodating two pieces of longer bread.

On Amazon, this device has over 500 reviews, plus an average rating of 4.1 out of 5. Several customers particularly appreciated the long slots. "We love the long slots, it works perfectly with the specialty /artisan breads," one person said of the device. "The long slots are perfect for round breads like sourdough," another user wrote.

You can buy Cuisinart's two-slice long-slot toaster on Amazon for $59.90.

Best wide-slot toaster

A commonly desired feature of toasters is wide slots. As primarily a breakfast appliance, toasters lend themselves to recipes cooked for the first meal of the day. That's why people like to heat their bagels, rolls, biscuits, English muffins, or other breakfast carbohydrates inside the toaster. If you are someone who doesn't stick to simply white bread for breakfast, you need a wide-slot toaster. An excellent option for this is Cuisinart's two-slice metal classic toaster (model CPT-160P1).

Per Cuisinart, this device has 1.5-inch-wide toasting slots, six shade settings, a removable crumb tray, and a high-lift bread lever (for getting the toast out). On Amazon, this model is popular and well-reviewed. There are over 29,000 ratings — with an average score of 4.4 out of 5 — to prove it. The width of the slots didn't disappoint. "This toaster has nice wide slots for bagels and other bread types," one person wrote. "It has wide openings and easily fits thicker items," another customer said.

You can buy Cuisinart's two-slice metal classic toaster on Amazon for $49.95.

Best toaster with removable crumb trays

Removable crumb trays are a feature you'll want with any toaster. These compartments allow you to easily slide out all the leftover bits of bread that may have fallen off during toasting. Otherwise, you'll be shaking the toaster upside down, hoping that part of the toaster doesn't fall off and break when you do. Even though many toasters come with removable crumb trays, not all of them work great. Luckily, one of them has a great reputation for this feature. That appliance is Redmond's two-slice retro toaster (model WT-330A).

On Amazon, where over 9,000 users gave the toaster an average rating of 4.6 out of 5, people took time to compliment this device's crumb trays. "The crumb tray slides in and out easily for emptying, and wiping it off is a breeze," one person said. Another enthusiastic user said, "This is the first toaster I've owned that has been easy to clean and get every single crumb out of!!! There are no weird crevices that trap crumbs, so for neat freaks like me, it's perfect!!!"

You can buy Redmond's two-slice retro toaster on Amazon for $41.99.

Best toaster with bread-lifting ability

Another feature that's desirable for any toaster is the ability to get the toast out. Although it would seem necessary for every device, some toasters make this a struggle. That's because most appliances have bread slots designed to accommodate your average slice of bread. But when it comes to toasting shorter types of bread, like rolls, it can be hard to remove them. To avoid this issue, we recommend Cuisinart's two-slice compact plastic toaster (model CPT-122).

There are over 25,000 reviews, with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5, for this product on Amazon. People noted that removing items from this toaster was no problem. "Higher lift function so you can put your [Pop-Tarts] in horizontally and still easily get them out," one person said. Another customer said they enjoyed "the lift feature for bagels and shorter bread, just pull up on the handle and it raises [it] for easy extraction."

You can buy Cuisinart's two-slice compact plastic toaster on Amazon for $29.95.

Best smart toaster

If a dial of shade settings isn't customizable enough for your toasting needs, you may want a smart toaster. Per Kitchen Infinity, a smart toaster is one with enhanced technological features, such as built-in settings for different types of bread. For an excellent smart toaster that does just that, check out Breville's Die-Cast 2-Slice Smart Toaster (model BTA820XL).

In addition to having a standard shade setting, which allows you to select the preferred level of doneness of your toast, this Breville appliance comes with more specific features. According to the company, it has buttons like "a bit more," which allow you to slightly extend the length of your toasting time. There are also convenient features like "lift and look," which slowly raises your toast from the slot, allowing you to peek at how far along your bread is. Of course, there are also classic cancel, bagel, and frozen buttons, which always make toasting easier. There are nearly 2,700 reviews with an average score of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon. Overall, people seem pleased with the smart features offered by it. "It actually is 'smart.' Bread lowers with the touch of a button — not via a manual lever. Toasts evenly and offers a wide range of doneness," one person said.

You can buy Breville's Die-Cast 2-Slice Smart Toaster on Amazon for $159.95.

Best toaster with a touchscreen display

For something even more advanced than a smart toaster, you can purchase one with a touchscreen display. One well-received model is the Revolution InstaGLO Toaster (model R270). According to the company, this toaster comes with 16 different modes, each for toasting a different type of bread. These settings help the appliance automatically accommodate Pop-Tarts, toaster waffles, sourdough bread, English muffins, and more. When it's not being used, the touchscreen turns into a digital or analog clock. This device even reminds you when it's time to empty the crumb trays. Because it comes with so many unique settings, you are going to pay more for it.

Despite the high cost, there are still over 100 people who've reviewed this item on Amazon. Together, they gave the device an average rating of 4.2 out of 5. The smart features provided by the touchscreen were appreciated by many. "You might think a touchscreen on a toaster is a gimmick, but it's actually very useful ... It takes the guesswork out of it so you don't have to waste bread learning where your favorite setting is," one buyer said. "Touch screen pics are accurate and no more complaining from friends/family that toast is too light or too dark," another Amazon customer wrote.

You can buy the Revolution InstaGLO Toaster on Amazon for $399.95.

Best clear-view toaster

Along with toasters with a computer attached to them, clear-view toasters are another interesting twist that's now offered within this kitchen appliance category. With this type of toaster, you're able to peek inside at the progress of your toast. For individuals looking for their perfect level of toastiness, this specific toaster type could help ease some of your worries. For a great see-through toaster, we recommend the Clear View Toaster (model number DVTS501BK) from the company Dash. In addition to see-through sides, this toaster comes with wide slots for bagels as well as crumb trays for efficient cleaning. It also comes in five different colors.

There are a surprising number of people looking to buy a clear-view toaster. On Amazon, over 11,000 reviews come to an average rating of 4.4 out of 5. When speaking of their personal experience using it, many people said they enjoyed the see-through aspect. "I love the clear window on the front that lets me see how brown my toast is getting," one customer wrote. "Wanted a colorful toaster on my counter, this fit the bill, plus it's see-through. Great product," another buyer said.

You can buy the Dash Clear View Toaster on Amazon for $49.99.

Best travel-friendly toaster

In some cases, you may want a toaster that can be taken on the road with you. Of course, you'll still need an outlet to get most appliances like this to work. But some features can be altered to make a toaster more travel-friendly. With the Ketian Long Slot Toaster, you'll find some of these characteristics. It's long yet compact, making it flatter, and thus more adaptable to suitcases. In addition, it comes with a zippable cover that allows you to throw the toaster in a carrying case. All of these features make the toaster easier to take on the go.

On Amazon, over 140 reviews reach an average score of 4.5 out of 5. Some people said they liked having the included toaster bag on hand to be able to transport the appliance at a moment's notice. "If I ever move or take my toaster somewhere I ... have a portable toaster bag," one person said. But on top of that, the product itself is good quality. "This is a really nice toaster!! I bought it specifically for traveling, but I like it so much I'm probably going to replace my home toaster with it," another customer said.

You can buy the Ketian Long Slot Toaster on Amazon for $41.89.

Best toaster and toaster-oven combination

Sometimes, you want to add a toaster oven to your kitchen appliance collection. Toaster ovens can accomplish more than your typical two-slice device. Per ZDNet, tasks like roasting, baking, or broiling can be done with a toaster oven. If you want a combination two-slice toaster and toaster oven, look no further than the Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Oven and Toaster (model 31156). Per the company, you'll save time and space by combining the two appliances into one.

This Hamilton Beach device has over 7,400 ratings on Amazon that come to an average score of 4.5 out of 5. Along with being space-saving and convenient, this toaster was long-lasting, several people said. "We've had this toaster oven for nearly three years now. We use it almost daily and it is still going strong," one customer wrote. "Easy to use! My last one made it through 12 years!" another buyer said.

You can buy the Hamilton Beach 2-in-1 Oven and Toaster on Amazon for $90.10.