Taco Bell Is Officially Adding Two New '7-Layer' Meals To Its Menu

Taco Bell is known for keeping their menu fresh, even if some of those changes (like temporarily getting rid of the ultra-beloved Mexican pizza) make its customers go pretty loco. Their creative take on the Mexican food genre, coupled with affordable prices, are a clear success story, as the brand is shooting to achieve the $20 billion mark in annual sales. The chain is planning to achieve this via an aggressive international expansion, with at least 1,000 new non-U.S. locations planned, CNBC reports.

Indeed, during this period of record inflation, lower-cost fast food joints like McDonald's and Taco Bell are capitalizing on people's desire to eat more for less money. McDonald's profits are rising due to inflation and recently posted third quarter sales that were up 6.1%, per CNN, no doubt fueled by a series of successful marketing campaigns, like adult Happy Meals and the popular retro Halloween pail Happy Meals. Taco Bell is equally adept at bringing customers in via colorful ploys, and the company's latest effort is definitely one that speaks to their masses of loyal customers. Even if the brand is somewhat tenuously hanging onto its status as a Mexican joint with these non-traditional dishes.

Two new 7-layer options at Taco Bell

Taco Bell is adding to its multi-layered menu portfolio, which in the past has included the vegetarian 7-layer burrito (via Vox). Don't fret too much, however, as the brand's menu does currently feature a similar, if decidedly non-vegetarian, 5-layer beefy burrito.

According to Fast Food Post, starting on November 17 customers can partake in the two new 7-layer options, which include the 7-layer nacho fries burrito, which is a flour tortilla with a whole lot of goodness rolled up inside (seasoned nacho fries, beef, black beans, shredded cheddar cheese, nacho cheese sauce, tomatoes, guacamole, chipotle sauce, and low-fat sour cream). The 7-layer nacho fries are essentially the same dish but without the tortilla — all of the fillings and toppings are placed in a bowl, per The Street. Although prices can vary by location, the burrito version is expected to be sold for about $3.49, and the bowl for around $3.99. These are both on the docket for limited-time release, following successful tests in the Orlando market last year, Fast Food Post says. Time will tell if they have the mettle to make it to the permanent menu, or not.