Bob Evans Just Debuted A Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich

Thanksgiving is just a few short days away, and we think we may speak for more than a few foodies across the country when we say: "Finally!" Yes, we know that food isn't the true meaning of the holiday. However, you have to admit, the massive spread that's put out on the fourth Thursday in November every year isn't exactly a bad thing, nor are all the leftovers from the feast we get to munch on we get to munch on throughout the rest of the holiday weekend, either.

As a matter of fact, Study Finds reports that a survey conducted last year by One Poll found that 70% of Americans are more excited about Thanksgiving leftovers than the meal itself, and we totally understand why. There are tons of delicious dishes you can make using those T-Day leftovers, like tacos, casseroles, or even turkey ramen, which is the go-to for chef Marcus Samuelsson, but for a majority of Mashed readers, the leftovers sandwich is the ultimate way to polish off the remnants of your Turkey Day meal.

Arguably the holy grail of leftover creations, the delicacy is beloved by many, including James Van Der Beek and Al Roker, and if you don't think you can wait until Friday afternoon to get your fix, we have some good news. According to Chew Boom, Bob Evans just debuted a Thanksgiving turkey sandwich, which may be just the thing to satisfy your cravings until you can make one of your own.

Here's what's on Bob Evans' new Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude, and this year, Bob Evans is giving foodies and Turkey Day fanatics alike something new and delicious to be grateful for: Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwiches, which will be on the menu for a limited time. According to Chew Boom, the holiday-inspired handheld features several components of the traditional Thanksgiving feast including slow-roasted turkey, cranberry relish, homemade stuffing, and mayo, all of which are layered in between two slices of crispy griddled brioche bread. And for those wondering where the gravy is, don't worry, this sammie comes with a bowl of it on the side for dipping, as well as a side of fries.

The sandwich is available at participating Bob Evans locations now, meaning you can get your fix of leftover sandwiches ahead of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, or even on Turkey Day itself, as the chain is one of the many restaurants that will be welcoming diners in for Thanksgiving Dinner this year. And for those wondering if Bob Evans' Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich is a suitable replacement for a traditional Thanksgiving meal, or even that beloved leftovers sandwich you make the next day, so far, all signs seem to be pointing to yes. "pointing to use. "I love this sandwich, it's just so decadent," said Amy of Best Food Review Roadtrip said in her YouTube review of the dish, while her partner, Paul, declared it was "definitely comforting to eat."