Valerie Bertinelli Is Celebrating Her Divorce And Twitter Is Loving It

Valerie Bertinelli has been in the spotlight since she was a teenager, starring in popular sitcoms such as "Hot in Cleveland" and "One Day at a Time" (via IMDb). Now, the 62-year-old actress has also made a name for herself as a celebrity chef. Bertinelli co-hosts "Kids Baking Championship" with Duff Goldman and even has her own show on the Food Network, "Valerie's Home Cooking" (via Food Network). Even though Bertinelli is a Golden Globe-winning actress and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it is her chef hat that she feels most comfortable wearing. When speaking about this newer aspect of her career with Closer Weekly, the Delaware native revealed, "I was never quite comfortable acting. Now I'm just able to be me and cook."

While she may be best known for her work on-screen, Bertinelli has been very candid about her life behind the camera. The actress has opened up about various personal issues, sharing emotional messages about her weight loss struggles and, recently, responding to Matthew Perry's relationship accusations. Bertinelli, who has been married twice, just posted on Twitter, celebrating her divorce from her second husband, Tom Vitale.

Valerie Bertinelli's divorce date is the second best day of her life

It's official: Valerie Bertinelli has untied the knot. The actress, who was married to financial planner Tom Vitale for 10 years, is finally single (via People). Bertinelli took to Twitter to share this exciting news, reframing what is normally perceived as a negative situation as a very happy positive one. "I am officially f***king divorced. Happily divorced ... it's finally over," she shared, buzzing with excitement. The caption of her post reads, "11.22.22 second best day of my life."

Bertinelli's followers took to the comment section to congratulate the cookbook author on this milestone moment. One user wrote, "Happy divorce Valerie! So proud of you for staying strong during this whole ordeal. You have your life back," while another wrote, "Congratulations, Val. Never look back. Look to the future and enjoy every moment of it. You deserve it." Another user jokingly wrote, "So I have a chance?"

Probably not. Even though she is now single, the TV personality is not looking for love anytime soon after her divorce from Tom Vitale. On the TODAY show, Bertinelli told host Hoda Kotb that she's looking forward to spending "the rest of my life alone." "I'll be happy that way."