National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Just Got Its Own Beer

If you were to list the Christmas movies that you consider requisite holiday viewing, "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" would likely be on it. This quintessential festive film starring Chevy Chase as the hapless but well-meaning Clark Griswold doles out equal doses of belly laughs and relatable family dysfunction (via The Hollywood Reporter). Released in 1989, this movie has become a cultural icon, spawning an impressive collection of products. 

Fans of this flick likely remember watching Clark and his cousin Eddie drink punch from moose-shaped glasses, a scene that likely caused you to ask, "Where can I get myself a set of those drinking vessels?" Retailers like Hallmark responded quickly, offering up Marty Moose glasses of their own. Department 56 upped the collectible ante by creating a complete Christmas village of Christmas Vacation-themed pieces like the Griswold's light-bedecked house, cousin Eddie's RV (called the "tenement on wheels" per Camping for Foodies), and the family station wagon wedged between the axles of a logging truck. And back in 2015, the Washington Beer Blog reported that Fish Brewing Company released a collection of holiday beers dedicated to the film including The Family Wagon imperial India pale ale, Cousin Eddie's RV imperial brown ale, and Yule Crack Up gingerbread stout. 

Don't fret if you missed that barley-and-hops nod to this holiday flick. There's a new Christmas Vacation-themed beer in town. 

It's A Beaut has notes of fudge and nuts

According to Trendhunter, BrewDog and Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer have teamed up to create a brand new "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation"-inspired beer. If this is one of your favorite holiday flicks, this news is bound to perch a grin above your chin. This pecan and toffee stout is aptly named "It's a Beaut," in honor of the moment when Clark's beloved (and extremely frustrating) Christmas lights finally sprang to life. BrewBound says these limited-time BrewDog cans contain "notes of fudge, nuttiness, and vanilla, with low carbonation and bitterness." 

Why did BrewDog feel compelled to create this seasonal brew? Head Brewer, Steve McMillan, offers that his team grew up watching this film. He says, "We'd like to think Clark would enjoy a can or two of It's A Beaut while mastering his holiday light display." You can get yours at any BrewDog bar, at the BrewDog online store, or by using BrewDog's beer finder to find a retailer near you. Finally, you can pop in your aging Christmas Vacation DVD, pour yourself a moose full of It's A Beaut, and truly immerse yourself in Christmas — Griswold style.