Glögg Is The Mulled Wine-Esque Drink Your Holiday Party Is Missing

There's a lot of ways to warm up in the winter, and whether it's for a snowy weekend or a holiday party, one fun option is to make your hot drink boozy. This decadent hot chocolate recipe is a great base drink, and we've rounded up some of the best combinations for boozy hot chocolates. If you've had your fill of chocolate from Advent calendars, there's always eggnog around the Christmas season, and mulled wine is perfect for sipping on all night long.

If mulled wine is your go-to holiday drink, another drink to try is glögg, which also has wine as its base. Wondering what exactly makes glögg different from mulled wine? Although there's some overlap between the two drinks, the traditional Scandinavian drink glögg makes itself distinct with cardamom as its main spice, in addition to being topped with raisins and almonds, according to Forbes. If you're looking for a new beverage for your holiday festivities, here's how you can make glögg in your own kitchen.

How to make glögg

Like mulled wine, there's a lot of variations of glögg. You can add specific liquors, fruit, and spices to your taste. But the key ingredient is plenty of red wine — and some port on hand. Some recipes for glögg call for both red wine and port. According to, although port is usually thought of as a dessert wine, it goes well in cocktails and pairs with a wide range of fruit.'s recipe for glögg calls for red wine, port, and vodka, while Allrecipes' version of glögg includes port, bourbon, and white rum. For a traditional glögg, you'll need to add cardamom pods, and you can add other spices that you might also find in mulled wine, like cinnamon, cloves, and star anise. Throw in some sugar, orange peels, and figs, as recommended by, and let the whole mixture simmer on the stove. After the glögg simmers, let it sit for a couple hours before serving it up. You can also garnish your drink with raisins and slivered almonds.

Even if you aren't consuming alcohol this holiday season, you can still enjoy a delicious and festive drink. There's a few underrated holiday mocktails you should be drinking, and this non-alcoholic Christmas punch recipe will be a hit with adults and children at any holiday party.