Jacques Pépin Schooled Jimmy Fallon In A Leftover Thanksgiving Sandwich Competition

Ever since Julia Child's famous omelet cooking demonstration on "I've Been Reading" back in 1962, the world has been fascinated with cooking shows. No matter how many times a television chef shows us how to cook something, we're always intrigued with the way the professionals — or the not so professionals — move about the kitchen. We look at their techniques and the ease at which they produce a seemingly perfect dish, and if they can make us laugh at the same time, it makes for great entertainment. But celebrity chefs aren't just visible on food channels — they can also be watched on late-night TV. Since Jimmy Fallon took over the "The Tonight Show" from Jay Leno, for example, the variety show has seen a number of celebrity chefs visit its New York City set, including the likes of José Andrés and Martha Stewart.

In 2013, Mediate reported that food lovers were looking forward to Fallon's takeover as host, as his status as a "gourmand" would likely mean more chefs appearing on the show. While it's probably true that the host loves his guest chefs (and food), his own cooking techniques leave much to be desired — if what we see onscreen is anything to go by! On the November 23 Thanksgiving episode of the "Tonight Show," Fallon, alongside guest and celebrity chef Jacques Pépin, attempted to make a leftover turkey sandwich, and you can probably guess whose was better.

Pépin's sandwich had a more elegant flair

As Pépin shows Fallon how to expertly carve a Thanksgiving turkey, the duo agrees that a leftover turkey sandwich is a highlight of the days following the holiday. They're not alone, as 52% of people say this is the best way to eat Thanksgiving leftovers. Fittingly, Fallon suggests they both make a sandwich to see whose is better. Drummer Questlove is nominated as the judge, blindfolded with the so-called "dome of silence" so he can't see or hear who is making what. Even in something as simple as a sandwich, there are obvious differences between a professional chef, who brought quality ingredients to make a homemade sauce and even his mom's pumpkin gratin recipe, and a casual home cook who slaps some turkey and stuffing together. After trying both sandwiches, Questlove names Chef Pépin's sandwich the best.

The clip, released on the "Tonight Show" YouTube channel, received many comments praising the "Fast Food My Way" chef. One said, "He's a master craftsman in the truest sense of the word. It's utterly fascinating to watch him work his magic in the kitchen," and another wrote, "No matter how depressing the news is hearing Jacques voice is medicine to my ears." Fans were very happy to see the celebrity chef in the segment, with many saying that they grew up appreciating food because of him, and said they hope Fallon will continue to have guests like Pépin on the show.