14 Flavored And Spiced Gins You Should Be Drinking This Holiday Season

Gin has a long and prolific history, with first references dating back to 13th century Holland, but for a very long time, it hid in the drawer of those slightly old-fashioned spirits that consumers didn't find attractive or exciting. Luckily, gin has come back with a bang, and according to Statista, the revenue and consumption of gin are expected to grow in the following years.

Along with juniper-forward London dry that is classic for a reason, the market is brimming with spiced and flavored gins that derive flavor from different ingredients and botanicals, which can include some standard options such as herbs and fruit or some slightly less traditional choices that reflect the regional character of the spirit. These spiced and flavored gins are often released as seasonal labels, and many are specially designed for the holiday season. Gin is a spirit that is perfect for those warming wintertime aromas. It has enough body and character to pair with various botanicals, and holds a firm backbone without being too sugary, syrupy, or overpowered by the added fragrance. It is, in the end, created as a flavored spirit.

Living in the gin-dominated era is great, but sometimes, the sheer number of choices can steer you away from digging deeper into the wonderful world of crafted gins. That's why we decided to make the task easier for you, at least when it comes to festive gins reminiscent of the holiday season. We've rounded up a list of the ultimate gin labels that will make any holiday activity much more enjoyable.

1. Opihr Szechuan Pepper

Opihr is a famous gin producer whose range currently encompasses spiced gins and several pre-mixed gin-based cocktails. The company's philosophy is oriented towards the historic spice road, the legendary route primarily used for trade between the East and the West. Even the company's name was inspired by the ancient region most likely located along the spice road. Spices were the most valued commodity on the route so expect Opihr gins to incorporate all those hearty and punchy oriental spices typical for the Middle East, Indian subcontinent, and East Asia.

In all honesty, most Opihr gin could potentially work as your new winter favorite, but for the ideal wintertime option, we decided to go with Opihr's Szechuan Pepper version, which we think would be the best choice for those chilly wintertime nights. As the name suggests, the primary flavor inside the gin is delivered by Szechuan peppers, the aromatic, zesty spice with a subtle smoky note. The aromatic intensity is perfectly aligned with the smooth, warming mouthfeel. This gin clocks at 43% ABV, so drink responsibly.

2. Orkney Mikkelmas

Mikkelmas is produced by a small family-owned Orkney distillery hailing from the eponymous archipelago located just off northeastern Scotland. Along with the wintery Mikkelmas, the brand includes several gin styles, such as the rhubarb-flavored Old Tom and classic London Dry, along with akvavit, a caraway-flavored spirit typical for Nordic countries. Mikkelmas is a part of the standard offering, but it is designated for colder seasons and inspired by the Feast of St Michael, a traditional festivity celebrating the end of the harvest.

Mikkelmas was designed to preserve all those fading autumnal botanicals that give this spirit its dominant character. The predominant flavor derives from orange zest, juniper, heather berries, rosehip, and cinnamon, resulting in a zesty, incredibly fragrant gin. Like all gin from the distillery, it is distilled seven times, resulting in a smooth, velvety spirit that works well with the winter botanicals. You can pair it with tonic water or ginger ale, and preferably choose some winter citrus such as clementines, oranges, or mandarin oranges for a perfect addition to this award-winning gin.

3. Gin Tales The Tale Of Winter

This aptly named gin is packed with traditional Christmas flavors, which makes it an ideal drinking option for the holiday season. It is produced by Gin Tales, a small gin producer from Islington specializing in flavored and spiced gins, offering a selection of regular and seasonal specials. Along with this winter favorite, the range includes bright and zesty fruit-infused variations, fragrant floral-flavored options, and some quirky additions like the Easter-inspired Hot Cross Gin flavored with sultanas, citrus fruit, and typical Easter spices.

The Tale of Winter is a London dry gin infused with fresh oranges and cinnamon as the two dominant botanicals, with the addition of other spices that complement its citrusy and zesty profile. It is a small-batch gin produced only with natural ingredients, which speaks of its high quality. It makes an ideal holiday tipple, and with 29% ABV, it easily works as a sipping drink. Whether you want to serve it neat, paired with tonic water, or incorporate it into a cocktail, The Tale of Winter will surely be a great warm-up option for holidays.

4. Hendrick's Lunar Gin

Hendrick's is a big name in the gin industry. It is a common feature in many gin-loving households and a standard fixture at most respectable bars. Their range features Hendrick's Original that will certainly never go out of style, but the company continually releases new, adventurous flavors that are often seasonal and always beautifully crafted. Hendrick's Lunar is one of the newly released flavors created with the help of master distiller Ms. Lesley Gracie.

As the name suggests, Hendrick's Lunar is designated for those cozy evenings and long nights. Because of its floral and spicy character, we believe it would be an ideal option for the holiday season. It is a soft gin that perfectly blends dark floral notes with baking spices and a zippy citrus finish. The bottle is a limited offer, so grab it while it's available and spice this holiday season with this sensational gin. Lunar is perfect for sipping, and it is an ideal pairing partner with tonic water, but you can also pair it with bitters and oranges for this twist on the Old-Fashioned.

5. Atlas Chai Gin

Atlas Chai, as its fitting name might suggest, is a gin infused with warming spices reminiscent of those wonderfully aromatic blends that you would find in a chai latte. The gin has a warming, peppery note derived from cinnamon and ginger as its main flavorings. The profile is rounded with other spices and herbs, including juniper, cardamom, cloves, pimento, and nutmeg, with the addition of sugar and robust black tea from Assam. The aroma of the gin will remind you of those warming baked spice notes found in masala chai, backed up with a bracing spice, sweet mouthfeel, and a long-lasting finish that will coat the palate with hints of spices.

We believe this aromatic gin is an excellent addition to the holiday drinking game. Atlas Chai would be perfect with a splash of tonic whose bitterness and the bubbles would nicely play with its rich aroma, but don't overlook the mixology options. The producer recommends several great cocktails, but the Gin & Ginger Ale, which blends Atlas Chai, ginger beer, apple juice, and red chili, sounds like an ideal holiday mix.

6. St. Giles Gin Spiced Orange & Cranberry

St. Giles is a Norwich-based gin producer named after the eponymous part of London once famous for its gin shops. The brand is led by the vision to create sophisticated, hand-crafted spirits with an international character. Among the versatile range, St. Giles includes a label that perfectly fits the festive holiday season. Spiced Orange & Cranberry is a smooth, richly flavored gin dominated by a blend of citrus, spice, and cranberry notes.

This wintery gin packs all Christmas flavors, and despite its aromatic strength, it stays fresh both on the nose and the palate. It has a long lingering finish reminiscent of mellow spices. As it is packed with flavor, St. Giles Orange & Cranberry doesn't need much garnish; serve it with a splash of tonic or incorporate it into a boozy hot toddy. It would be fantastic with oranges or any sweet citrus fruit. Producers recommend integrating it into the festive-themed Negroni. The oranges would work well in this classic that is already brimming with orange aroma and flavor. Remember that this is a seasonal, limited edition gin, so get it now and drink it during the holiday season, as it was explicitly made for this purpose.

7. Bashall Parkin Cake Gin

If you've never heard about parkin cake, you are not alone. As explained on BBC Good Food, this is an old, traditional English recipe, primarily associated with Yorkshire and Lancashire, which is usually prepared for Guy Fawkes Night, or the Bonfire Night, celebrated on November 5. Parkin is reminiscent of classic gingerbread. It is packed with ginger, treacle (molasses), and golden syrup and often uses a mix of oats and flour as the base. The texture of the cake is thick and dense, and with a very dark color and ginger aroma, it makes for a perfect wintertime dessert. Unsurprisingly, Parkin Cake Gin from Bashall was created to mimic all those flavors you traditionally find in this British specialty.

The distillers at Bashall were inspired by the 19th-century family recipe for parkin cake. Just like the cake, the flavor profile of the gin is dominated by ginger and treacle, resulting in a warming tipple with rich, spicy notes that is ideal for the colder season and holiday shenanigans.

8. Edinburgh Christmas Gin

There is no room for assumptions here as the entire philosophy of this spirit is printed on the label — this is a Christmas-style gin ideal for all the festive days ahead. The spirit is distilled by Edinburg Gin, a distillery located in the Scottish capital that has been in business since 2010, and this winter label was the first seasonal addition to their range. It was designed as a spirit that distinctly reminds you of the most wonderful time of the year.

Edinburgh Christmas Gin steps away from traditional gin flavorings and chooses a daring combination of frankincense, myrrh, and cassia as its central aromatics. Juniper provides the base, while the profile is rounded with the warming sensation of nutmeg and ginger. This combination creates a gin with a unique aroma reminiscent of incense, all complemented by the warming spices detected on the palate. Edinburgh Christmas Gin would be great in a classic gin and tonic or some decadent festive cocktails. It could also be a good sipping gin.

9. Warner's Christmas Cake Gin

If you have ever wondered how a Christmas cake would taste in the glass, Warner's has created a sipper that can be used as a prime example. Christmas Cake Gin is a winter delight distilled from dark chocolate, ginger, juniper berries, and baking spices. The distillate is combined with cherry juice, sloe gin, and treacle (molasses). The result is a spectacularly aromatic gin that oozes spice-like, butterscotch, and candied aromas, while the palate is reminiscent of those rich and luscious old-fashioned Christmas cakes filled with spice, citrus, cherries, and chocolate.

We can't think of a better way to enjoy this decadent gin than adding it to your favorite toddies or hot chocolate. Similar flavor profiles and rich textures should work in perfect harmony. Alternatively, you can follow Warner's suggestion and enjoy a shot of this festive gin with a splash of cola, preferably served over ice and garnished with an orange slice. The company releases a new batch for every Christmas season, so don't miss the chance to have your Christmas cake in a liquid form this year.

10. Cotswolds Cloudy Christmas Gin

This festive gin produced by Cotswolds Distillery is the Christmas spin on its original dry gin. Cotswolds Cloudy Christmas Gin is a seasonal label and a limited offering available during the chilly holiday season. That's why this wintery special relies on some classic Christmas ingredients. It is standardly packed with juniper and enriched with clementines, which deliver a wonderful blend of sweet and zesty citrusy notes. The flavor is rounded with other botanicals, primarily warming spices that provide the extra kick and the delightful holiday cheer. When mixed with tonic or ice, this gin will turn cloudy, adding to its charm.

Incorporate this Christmas special into a classic gin and tonic, and enjoy the delightful interaction of citrus and herbal notes with subtle sweetness and hints of spices. For an even better experience, add a slice of orange, or ideally a clementine, and you're ready for any holiday gathering.

11. Tappers Wintergreen Aromatic Winter Gin

If you're looking for a holiday gin with a more serious character and a herbal and earthy background, Tappers Wintergreen Aromatic Winter Gin is probably the best choice. This gin avoids traditional baking spices that typically evoke the cozy, festive atmosphere. Instead, it goes with the less obvious herbal and piney route, deriving aromas from typical forest herbs and roots that should resemble those found in evergreen trees. Pine, birch, cassia, and meadowsweet give this gin the refreshing "green" fragrance we traditionally associate with the holiday season.

The best description of this wintertime gin is provided on the official website, where the aroma is described as a "deep forest fragrance." This gin is perfect for fans of cool and fresh gin styles that work in the Christmas season. Tappers Winter Gin will probably best show its character in a not-overly-complicated gin and tonic, as most tonics nicely pair with its forest-inspired character.

12. Gutsy Monkey Winter Gin

Gutsy Monkey Winter Gin comes from Gin Kitchen and truly lives up to its name. This aromatic boozy concoction combines those traditional pine-like juniper aromas with heartier wintertime spices. It has a creamy mouthfeel, and though it includes slightly more robust botanicals, it is not overspiced or overwhelming. Lime zest delivers those zippy citrusy notes, while the spicy backbone gets its character from ginger, peppercorns, allspice, cumin, and coriander.

Winter Gin is great for the classic gin and tonic but go for less traditional garnishes such as red pepper, sage, and a lime twist, as suggested by the official website. This combination should enhance the spicy, zest, and herbal notes of this holiday gin. Packed in porcelain bottles with a charming, minimalistic monkey design, this label could also be a good gift for the gin-lover in your family.

13. Tanqueray Blackcurrant Royale Distilled Gin

Tanqueray is a big gin brand in the industry, and you must have at least once tried and tested their original dry gin, but if you haven't sipped their blackcurrant-flavored version, the holiday season is the ideal time to get a bottle of this aromatic spirit that will direct you right into the festive spirit. Tanqueray Blackcurrant Gin was inspired by French drinking tradition and is designed to capture the mystical scent of black orchids. As the name suggests, this gin derives most of its flavor profile from blackcurrants. These tart berries provide flavor and give the gin its lovely light purple color.

Along with blackcurrants, the dominant element is delivered by vanilla, while the juniper, coriander, angelica, and sweet licorice complete the flavor profile and provide incredible aromatic complexity. Tanqueray recommends serving this floral and fruity gin with lemonade, lemon wedge, and berries, preferably over a lot of ice. Of course, you can also use it as a cocktail ingredient. It would work as a successful partner with tonic or sparkling wine.

14. Jaffa Cake Gin

Yes, you've read that correctly. This is a gin distilled from real Jaffa cakes — those delectable sponges topped with orange jelly and coated in a thin, crispy layer of dark chocolate. Chocolate and orange scream Christmas, so it's only reasonable to include this unique beast on the list of best holiday gins. The gin is distilled from Jaffa cakes, with the addition of oranges, orange zest, and cocoa, which all amplify those orangey and chocolatey notes. Jaffa Cake Gin nicely pairs with soda or Prosecco, but why not include it in a standard Negroni for the ultimate orange experience?

Jaffa Cake Gin might sound unusual, but it is a delightful, skillfully crafted gin crowned as the world's best-flavored gin at the 2022 World Gin Awards. Even if you are not a gin lover and would like to taste that distinctive orange-like Jaffa flavor in a liquid form, fear not because the same producers make equally delicious Jaffa-infused rum and vodka labels.