Takis And Popcornopolis Are Teaming Up For Spice-Infused Popcorn

Popcorn has come a long way since its traditional form was discovered in a West Central, New Mexico bat cave. As technology has evolved, folks graduated from cooking popcorn over a stove to simply placing a bag in the microwave for a couple of minutes. In modern times, Americans consume about 16 billion quarts of this salty snack per year, and it comes in pretty much any flavor you could imagine (per Michigan State University). Made by Brooklyn Popcorn, one variation is Ketchup Popcorn, which reviews claim is unusual yet quite good. Or you have Uptown Popcorn's Blue Coconut Popcorn, which the brand describes as having the, "nutty taste of coconut for a tropical sensation in the form of gourmet popcorn."

Sometimes, popcorn collides with other snacks to create a one-of-a-kind collab. Per Food and Bev, this happened with the release of Cheetos Popcorn, which came in cheddar and flaming hot varieties. And now, thanks to Popcornopolis and Takis, this phenomenon is happening again.

A snack to spice up movie night

A brand new way to enjoy popcorn is coming to a store near you — with a spicy kick. According to Food and Bev, Popcornopolis is partnering with Takis to create Popcornopolis Takis Fuego, a spicy popcorn flavored with lime and hot chili pepper. When Popcornopolis teased the collab on Instagram yesterday, it seemed like fans already had the right idea. "Hot popcorn," one user guessed of the blurred out product image. One other comment simply asked, "Takis?" which prompted an all-but-confirming eye-emoji reply from the brand. If you're someone who never knows whether to choose Takis or popcorn for movie night, now you can enjoy the best of two in one.

This non-GMO, gluten-free popcorn is cooked in coconut oil and can be found in a variety of stores, including Sam's Club, Walmart, 7-11, Target, HEB, and Meier. If you end up searching for a pack of your own, it will cost $4.98 to $5.99 in stores, or it can be purchased online in a pack of 12 for $69.99.