Firehouse Subs Returning 'Name Of The Day' Promo Means You Can Get A Free Sub

There are many ways you can get free food from a restaurant, from birthday coupons to rewards points. One way that's not as common, however, is receiving free food because of your name. Of course, this could make things difficult if you have an uncommon name. Even so, if you're a fan of free food, you've probably been waiting on a deal like Firehouse Subs' "name of the day" promotion to make its triumphant comeback.

Interestingly, there have been other name-related contests by restaurants in the past. In 2015, BJ's Restaurant offered $10,000 of free food to anyone who named their baby Quinoa (per Twitter). There's no word on if anybody actually went through with the dare and won the prize money (but if someone did, I guess we owe them a congratulations). And just this year, Dairy Queen auctioned off the ability to name a Blizzard for charity — an honorary name, but still valid.

Thankfully, Firehouse Subs has announced the return of its name promotion – and you won't have to assign your kids any strange names to qualify.

A purchase must be made to redeem

Firehouse Subs will be thanking its customers this month with the return of its "name of the day" promotion for a limited time (per PR Newswire). The deal runs from December 6 to December 15, so it's important to keep a tab on the brand's website for updates regarding which names are chosen each day. 

If your name is chosen, you can grab a free medium sub, but there are a couple rules: You must show your ID and make a purchase in order to redeem your prize. The offer is only available at participating Firehouse Subs locations, so it won't hurt to give your local store a call before making the trip.

Firehouse Subs announced on Facebook that the first names to kick off the promo with be Michael, Angela, and Aisha. In the comments section, fans were encouraging the sub eatery to choose their name next. "I love Firehouse but my name will never get picked," wrote a man named "Grover." Somebody with the name "Shakeema" shared in that sentiment. But who knows? Perhaps the company will surprise us!