How To Get A Free Sandwich At Firehouse Subs Just By Giving Your Name

William Shakespeare wrote, "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet." Arguably one of the most iconic lines from "Romeo and Juliet," Literary Devices explains that this is the playwright might be telling us that names of things and individuals are irrelevant because they don't change who or what the person or thing actually is.

For all intents and purposes, Shakespeare may have been right. After all, a rose would, in fact, still smell like a rose even if it wasn't called a "rose." However, had Firehouse Subs been around when Shakespeare jotted down the famous soliloquy in the late 1500s, he may have taken a different stance on the whole name thing, as one's moniker could now be the ticket to a free sandwich from the chain. According to Chew Boom, the Florida-based sub shop is once again running its popular "Name of the Day" promotion, which first ran in December 2019 and offers customers with a specific name randomly chosen by the eatery the opportunity to get a free medium sub with any purchase. While Romeo and Juliet's names may not have mattered to their love story, perhaps they would have appreciated them a little bit more if they knew their names could get them a Turkey Bacon Ranch free of charge.

What's in a name? Potentially a free meal from Firehouse Subs

Names may not have any effect on who we are as people, but they may have an effect on where you get your next meal. For a limited time, Chew Boom reports that Firehouse Subs is giving away one free medium sub with any purchase to customers that present a valid photo I.D. showing they have a specific first name chosen at random by the chain, which is announced daily on the restaurant's website and social media page. The deal kicked off this week on Wednesday, May 4th, during which the purveyors of some of the best hot sandwiches around honored Star Wars Day by offering patrons with the first names Luke, Leia, or Ben the opportunity to get a free meal without even having to use the force (via Instagram).

There's no need to be angry with your parents for not being so into Star Wars that they named you after a character from the franchise, either, as Firehouse is switching up who it is that can get a free sandwich every single day. Today, for example, the sub shop announced in an Instagram post that they are showing some love to anybody whose name starts with the letters "TH," so it looks like readers named Thatcher, Thelma, or Theodore have their lunch plans made.