DoorDash Launched A Gingerbread Cake With Carlo's Bakery

If you love ginger and gingerbread, then the holiday season is full of treats right up your alley. From a gingerbread latte to adding a spice that will take your gingerbread cookies to the next level. There are several things to know about this age-old treat, from how to make it to its murky origins.

But for those who are tired of gingerbread cookies, there are still plenty of other sweet treats that riff off the cookie's delicious spices. For example, Halo Top's gingerbread ice cream is back for a limited time in the freezer aisle, and frosted gingerbread Pop-Tarts make a tasty snack or a sturdy base for a gingerbread house.

But for a gingerbread dessert that will really impress a crowd, you've got turn to the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro. In a press release sent to Mashed, DoorDash announced that customers could purchase a Gingerbread Cake from Carlo's Bakery, which is owned by Valastro. If you're interested in a cake with a classic holiday flavor, here's what you can expect.

What's in the gingerbread cake from Carlo's Bakery

According to the description on DoorDash's website, the layers of the Gingerbread Cake from Carlo's Bakery include gingerbread-flavored cake and cream cheese frosting. The cake is then topped with mini gingerbread cookies to complete the look. Fans of Carlo's Bakery across the United States can order the dessert. In fact, this cake is a DoorDash exclusive.

The Gingerbread Cake serves eight to 12 people, and the description says you can even store the cake in the freezer for two months. Customers can purchase the cake for $79.99, but the press release adds that DoorDash is running a promotion where people can get $50 off the cake until December 12 (or as supplies last) with the code "SHIP50CARLOS."

Already making gingerbread cookies this holiday season? Carlo's Bakery is also offering a Sweet Potato Dream Cake through DoorDash. Although sweet potato is a Thanksgiving staple, you can still enjoy this rich flavor throughout the winter.