The Pasta Queen's Reaction To Sink Mac And Cheese Is On Brand

In case you haven't yet encountered the pasta world and TikTok sensation, Nadia Caterina Munno (a.k.a. The Pasta Queen), here are a few things you should know. When the world shut down during the pandemic, reluctant homebodies looked to social media for inspiration on how to while away their excess free time. On TikTok, legions of soon-to-be fans met the effervescent, never-short-on-flair Munno, her collection of recipes and helpful tips, and her trademark quip, "just gorgeous." The Hollywood Reporter says that The Pasta Queen is, indeed, a chef who hails from Southern Italy. She is no stranger to the world of fine food as her family tree includes a number of people who make wine and pasta. And she just unveiled her own cookbook in November. 

What sparked Munno's journey into the public realm? According to her website, during her first visit to TikTok, she came across "a blasphemous video of a horrifying lasagna" that misrepresented her culture and imparted "inappropriate content" in the form of a terrible pasta dish. This compelled The Pasta Queen to combat this with her own top-notch and "authentic recipes." Nothing appears to outrage her more than people abusing pasta, making her reaction to a video of someone whipping up a sinkful of macaroni and cheese completely on-brand. 

Munno said this TikToker must be possessed by the devil

The Pasta Queen has treated viewers to some highly enthralling critiques during her tenure on TikTok. Who can forget her reaction to a pasta and tuna casserole recipe made with a mess of largely canned ingredients? Or how about the carbonara made with hot dogs? Well, Munno's latest video response to an act of culinary sacrilege is her most unforgettable yet. 

In a recent TikTok video, The Pasta Queen watched in horror as a home cook put elbow noodles, milk, butter, a can of cheese soup (this really made her shriek), and an assortment of cheeses into the kitchen sink. Yes, you read that right. Macaroni and cheese made in the sink. The same place where you pour the juice from your tinned sardines and the receptacle for your dirty dishes. What did Munno have to say about this horrifying act? According to her, the woman "was possessed in a moment of weakness by the devil, himself." Could be. The mystified chef posed a very good question as well: "Is she actually going to eat it?" The whole scenario was quickly chalked up to "an act of rage" or instability.

When you consider just how unsanitary a kitchen sink could be, you might also question the wisdom behind preparing food in this manner. In 2017, microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerb told Today that there's "more fecal bacteria in a sink than there is in a flushed toilet." Yikes.