Oreo Teamed Up With K-Pop Band BLACKPINK For A New Black And Pink Cookie In Asia

You likely have a running mental list of your favorite Oreo flavors, but have you ever thought about your favorite Oreo colors? For the 100-year-old cookie brand, gone are the days of just classic black and white. The Oreo lineup includes a number of variations on the signature white creme filling (officially known as Stuf), from bright red in "Joy" Oreos to sprinkle-studded in birthday cake Oreos. The brand is also known to switch up its classic chocolate cookies, offering light brown peanut butter cookies for its chocolate peanut butter pie flavor and yellow cookies for its lemon variety. And in perhaps the most surprising visual twist on America's Favorite Cookie, Oreo collabed with Ritz last spring, unveiling a double-sided Oreo with chocolate and creme on one half, and Ritz and peanut butter on the other.

How does Oreo come up with new looks? Sometimes, the brand takes inspiration from celebrities. In 2021, Oreo released a special Lady Gaga cookie, celebrating her "Chromatica" album with pink vanilla cookies boasting a neon green Stuf center. Now, Oreo is teaming up with Blackpink on another bright and bold cookie — but its design might be different than the one you're expecting.

These Blackpink Oreos come with a touch of glam

For its latest celeb collab, Oreo has partnered with K-pop supergroup Blackpink. While the group's name might make consumers immediately picture a classic black cookie with bright pink filling, the treat actually consists of a rosy pink cookie with jet black creme, as social media photos of the special Oreos show. The packaging depicts the pink cookies decked out in a bejeweled tiara, complete with the Blackpink logo and various group members' signatures. All that glam goodness comes along with collectible Blackpink cards included inside the package, showing Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa holding the limited-edition cookies, per Allkpop.

Sadly for fans of Blackpink in the U.S. (and just fans of pink in the U.S.), these Oreos will only be released in Asia, where the brand has a range of events planned to celebrate the release across the continent, reports Adobo Magazine. The cookies will hit markets in Indonesia first, where they'll be released this December. They'll then hit Thailand and the Philippines in January of 2023 and cruise through Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam in February.