Lady Gaga Fans Will Be Obsessed With Oreo's New Chromatica Cookies

If kindness was a cookie, what would it be? How about a pink-colored Golden Oreo with bright green filling? Lady Gaga and Oreo came up with these dramatic vanilla-flavored Oreos, which will appear in six packs at convenience stores in January of 2021, according to a statement provided to Mashed. The packs of Lady Gaga Oreos will only be available while supplies last, and special-edition Oreos have been known to sell out quickly. A three-pack of Supreme branded Oreos sold out at Supreme's online store in only 8.4 seconds, according to the Supreme Community website. A release date will be announced later for the full-sized packs of Lady Gaga Oreos. The cookies are embossed with three designs inspired by artwork from Lady Gaga's latest album, Chromatica.

We might have guessed months ago that something was going on between Lady Gaga and Oreo, owned by the snack-food giant Mondelēz International. Gaga gifted her father a box of Oreos for Father's Day this year (via Page Six). Lady Gaga is known as a Grammy and Oscar-winning musician, an actor, and a fashion icon. She's not usually associated with snack foods, but Lady Gaga's Oreos do make sense when you consider how they fit into her life's work — spreading kindness.

Record a message for friends, and Oreo will autotune it for you

Lady Gaga's Oreo drop is not about consumption for consumption's sake in the way Supreme's red cookies were. Lady Gaga has a higher idea in mind: getting people to show kindness by singing songs and sharing them with friends or on social media. Starting December 2nd, fans of Lady Gaga and Oreo cookies can visit to record a positive message to share with the world. Not much of a singer? Don't let that stop you. "Oreo autotuning" will convert whatever you record into song, according to the statement sent to Mashed.

In January, regular black-and-white Oreos will come in special packages featuring a turntable design and a QR code that will take you to the Oreogram site. By the middle of the month, you won't have to "Sing It With Oreo" if you don't want, because you'll also have the option of sending an Oreogram made by Lady Gaga. People will be able to share their Oreograms through April 30th. Oreogram senders can win prizes, including an all-expenses-paid trip to a Lady Gaga concert. The grand prize is the concert, plus a meet-and-greet with Lady Gaga and a custom Oreogram that she wrote and signed. 10 other first prize winners will receive two tickets to a Lady Gaga concert in one of four U.S. cities, plus a three night, four day trip. Smaller prizes include Oreo music boxes, headphones, and other swag.

Lady Gaga Oreos fit into her larger mission of spreading kindness

Kindness is really what Lady Gaga is all about. Her songs preach tolerance and acceptance, and her Little Monsters fanbase believe it's their job to make the world a better place (via Billboard, so they've always been spreading the joy. Sing It With Oreo and Gaga's pink and green Golden Oreos are just another outlet for that kindness. Lady Gaga's own biggest expression of kindness, bigger even than "Born This Way" and other pop anthems about being good to one another, might be the foundation she and her mother started in 2012 (via Philanthropy News Digest). 

The Born This Way Foundation runs programs that support teen mental health, with the ultimate goal of creating a kinder world, according to Forbes. As part of that goal, the foundation just released a book called Channel Kindness, which tells stories about good deeds people have done to better their communities (via Oprah Magazine). "If these stories inspire one act of kindness, then we've accomplished our mission," Gaga said. First, Lady Gaga helped people through song, then through her foundation. Now, she's looking to build community through Oreos. That's not only kind — it's sweet, too.