Instagram Is Breathing Fire On Walmart's Decadent DIY Cookie Board

Let's talk about cookies. A staple in the diets of Santa Claus and Cookie Monster, the mouthwatering treat is practically unmatched when it comes to baked goods. They're a holiday baking fave for Americans, 93% of whom whip up at least one batch during the Christmas season (via PR Newswire). And with the ability to take on just about any flavor profile, it should be pretty easy for everybody to find at least one type of cookie they'll like.

Unlike a few other desserts, cookies are also one of those sweets that make sense to eat at any point in the year. However, if there's one day you definitely don't want to miss out on your daily chocolate chip, it's National Cookie Day on December 4. The food holiday is typically celebrated with deals at several fan-favorite cookie chains, and this year was no exception, with spots like Insomnia Cookies and even Potbelly's offering cookie lovers the opportunity to nab free treats in honor of National Cookie Day 2022 (via Food Network).

That certainly makes us want to celebrate the holiday way more than just once a year, and apparently, the social media team for Walmart feels the same. "Wishing #NationalCookieDay was every day," the brand wrote in its National Cookie Day Instagram post. But while we're sure there are many people that can agree with the sentiment, it was a blink-and-you-might-miss-it detail in the caption's accompanying reel that became the talk of the town.

Several Instagrammers called Walmart out for its National Cookie Day blunder

Walmart's social media squad probably thought they'd put together the perfect Instagram post for National Cookie day last week. To an extent, they did. Not only did their upload have a relatable caption, but it also featured an eye-catching reel showing someone putting together a decadent cookie platter with treats exclusively from the Walmart bakery.

The giftable DIY included a wide variety of cookies, from classics like chocolate chip and oatmeal to madeleines and even peanut butter fudge no-bake cookies, and was beautifully arranged into a final product that was met with plenty of praise. However, interspersed between the "wows and "YUMs" in the comments section were several more notes from Instagrammers breathing fire on the demonstrative cookie video for a major blunder that flashes at the start of the clip.

"Let's make a cookie charcuterie board," the text overlay reads, which several people pointed out was not the correct name for the assortment. "It's a cookie tray. Charcuterie no," an Instagram user commented. Another Instagrammer was a bit harsher with their callout, writing, "Otherwise known as a tray of cookies for the unpretentious people." Meanwhile, one Instagram user offered context as to why Walmart was wrong. "Charcuterie means smoked meats," they wrote, which is a claim that MyRecipes supports. Still, if someone gifted us this cookie "charcuterie" board on National Cookie Day — or any day, for that matter — we certainly wouldn't turn it down.