Aldi Sells Copycat Trader Joe's Pretzels With A Convenient Twist

This may come as a surprise, but not all grocery stores are created equal. Sure, you can pick up essentials like bread, milk, and eggs at pretty much any market you walk into. However, when you're looking to go beyond just the basics, the chain you choose can really make a difference on your haul. For example, Trader Joe's is widely renowned for its frozen foods such as the Mandarin Orange Chicken, which has been the overall winner of the grocer's Customer Choice Awards for several years in a row. The nautical-themed grocer is also a popular hot spot to load up on snacks, and if, for whatever reason, you've only got room in your basket for a single item in this category, many shoppers will probably point you in the direction of the chain's Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets for all of you noshing needs.

Another winner of the annual Customer Choice Awards, the sweet and salty treats have long been praised by TJ's fanatics, one of whom said on Reddit that they were "easily among the top 100 inventions in the history of humanity." Other Redditors, meanwhile, claimed the pretzel nugs were "dangerously good" — accolades that, while positive, can also pose a bit of a problem if you don't happen to have a Trader Joe's close to home. Fortunately, it turns out that another cult-favorite grocery store has a dupe for TJ's beloved Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets and it comes with a convenient twist, too.

Aldi's peanut butter pretzels are packaged in resealable bags

Some Trader Joe's shoppers drive pretty far to get to the cult-favorite grocery store, but if the three-hour round trips are just for a bag of the chain's Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Nuggets, we're not sure we'd want to tag along. Yes, the bite-sized treat is near-universally-loved and "delivers crunchy and creamy and salty," according to Trader Joe's. However, with gas potentially hitting $4 a gallon by May, those excursions can get costly in a short period of time (via CNN). Additionally, if you happen to live closer to an Aldi, there's apparently a near-identical dupe for the pretzels that some shoppers might even prefer thanks to one particular aspect of the product.

Per Kitchn, the German grocer's Clancy's Pretzels filled with Peanut Butter are practically an identical match to the fan-favorite Trader Joe's snack, even down to its ingredient list. "They're salty! They're crunchy! They're creamy!" the outlet wrote, which sounds a lot like something we've heard before. Aldi's verison also has a leg up on its competition, as each package comes with the added bonus of having a zip-top seal conveniently built-in, eliminating your need to hunt for a chip clip when once your belly has been filled. And if you think that won't be necessary, let us also point out that bags of Aldi's PB pretzels are 50% bigger TJ's, so that extra help with keeping them fresh will certainly come in handy.